Knee Pain... looking for good orthopedic surgeon

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My mother in law is suffering from severe knee pain from past 2 years. We have been seeing Dr. Matthews in St. Stephens and she has been diagnosed with jorgon Syndrome, kind of rheumatic arthritis. I am looking for a good Doc for her, preferably in NOIDA or in Delhi. According to Dr. Matthews, though she is in pain , she doesnt have gap in her knees for the knee replacement and can be waited for anther 3-4 years, but we want to seek another opinion.

Plz suggest best doc for this kind of problem.


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    One of my distant relative is also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

    She is in her late 40's and she is consulting Dr. Rajiva Gupta from Medanta Division of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology .She is under this doctor's treatment since Jan 2013. She told me now that her knee pain is much more manageable with this doctor's treatment.

    She is also from Noida and goes to Medanta Medicity clinic in the Defence colony ( Delhi address) . You can take appointment from his Secretary Bhawana 09958846437.

    Medlly also has some reviews ( with orthopedic surgeons but they all are for osteoarthritis. Your mother is suffering from rheumatoid Arthritis so it is preferable to see Rheumatology specialist.
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  • thanks Manisha... I hope he really helps as my Mother in law is really in pain and sleepless. will be seeing him 2dy. will let you know how we felt after meeting him.
  • @Prasad Hope your mother in law gets some relief. I can totally understand as my mother and mother in law both are suffering from this knee pain ( but they both have osteo arthritis ). Whereas my distant relative has rheumatoid arthritis.

    Do lets us know your experience further after meeting the doctor.
    Best of luck

  • well am not too happy meeting the doc. He is unsure whether she has rheumatic or osteo. Insisted to have RF factor along with 1-2 more tests to be done in medanta only, where its costed me 4000. I could have done these tests from lals lab or any other lab near my house but he wanted that way. However, he was sure knee replacement would happen sooner or later.

    So we are looking at the orthopedic surgeons for replacement. My MIL doesnt have health insurance so we are looking for a financially viable option for her.
    We have closed down on 2-3 docs:
    1) Dr. Rajagopala, Medanta: Though people say he is best, but his rude behavior and non responsiveness to the queries especially post surgery is something discomforting. cost incurred: 5 lac
    2) Dr. nagi, Ganga ram hospital: He is also good, experienced. cost incurred: 4.2 lac
    3) Dr. Surya Bhan, primus hospital: He too is carrying good reputation in this field.Moreover, Primus is focused on orthopedic surgeries.

    would appreciate if Any body can give more input about the docs and cost incurred.

  • @prasad: you can read my review of Dr Rajgopal and medanta here

    However, I must add that operation was not really done by Dr Rajgopal but by his team which he supervises. For the post operation brief to the relatives, I met with some other doctor who was part of his team.

    I agree that Dr Rajgopal appears to be rude and he has very strict rules at hospital too. For e.g. attendants are not allowed to stay with patient in the room at any time before or after the surgery. This rule has been imposed by the Dr and not by Medanta. However, I believe it is for the good of patients as my mother had knee replacement earlier too and she was really satisfied with the experience at Medanta.
  • whats the cost in medanta?
  • Total Cost was Rs 236971
    The breakup of this was as follows
    Miscellaneous Charges- 150000
    Consultant Charges - 750
    Pharmacy & Medicine Charges - 86221

    I paid through my corporate insurance. However, there are separate rates for corporate insurance (cheaper) and for direct payment (expensive). If you are paying directly expect to pay more than double.
  • @prasad @Manisha @Saurabh Shakya I am looking for Knee replacement surgery feedback of DR Surya Bhan of Primus hospital for 67 year old.
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