My personal review with Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

I must start my story to doctors at Artemis, Dr Geeta Nath and Dr Veena Bhat are both excellent doctors. Though I was lucky to have a smooth pregnancy overall so never got a chance to test them out. But my delivery was a bit tricky and it was an emergency sector – which I believe they managed well. Even the doctors answered all our questions (some of those seem silly to us now) patiently. Let’s talk about rooms, I had taken a single room. The package cost of that was around Rs 1 Lakh (with third party insurance). In addition to this the baby expenses which were not covered in package came upto 50K. It doesn’t matter whether you have emergency sec or normal – the cost is the same. So, clearly this is probably the most expensive but worth hospital in Gurgaon (or maybe even NCR). Rooms were spacious, well lit, comfortable and clean. The only complaint I have is the sofa cum bed for the family member who stays is uncomfortable. My husband and my mom who stayed with me on different days complained about it.
Now come to cleaning in hospital, there was a speed dial to get the room/bathroom cleaned. The cleaning staff would come within a few minutes and everything would be spic and span again. We would get the bathroom cleaned 4-5 times a day (because there used to be a lot of blood when I used the loo) and they would do a great job every time. Heartily thanks to all staff. And food at Artemis Hospital is a completely veg hospital. And I have never had tindey, lauki, tori and kadoo which were so tasty. The meals were well planned, frequent, nutritious and yum. I am blessed with baby girl here and I am so so thankful to artemis hospital for this treatment.
I would like to recommend this hospital in future. Now your turn guys.. share your personal experience here.


  • @pandeysuchi Thank you so much for sharing your experience . Its going to help many who are looking for such good doctors. Keep sharing your experience :smile:
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  • Dr. Nidhi is thorough, knowledgeable and takes the time you need to make sure questions are answered and provides you with understandable information regarding your disease. She is fabulous at what he does. I recommend him HIGHLY to all.
  • thanks Suchi for sharing your experience with us.
  • I was suffering from tooth inflammation. I went to Artemis Hospital and met Dr Anjana Satyajit there. She advised me to get the cleaning done. I got the cleaning done for all my teeth. Doctor did not prescribe me any medication. She said that this issue will go away on its own. She only asked me to do some salt water gargles. She was right. My tooth is far better now on its own. One thing I found the best about Artemis Hospital is that it works strictly with appointments.
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