Want to names of doctor who belived for normal delivery

My wife is 5 month pregnant we did ivf at indira. Ivf and its positive and we have twins but when i ask indira for normal delivery they told we go for c section only but i want to go for normal delivery so plese tell me doctor who belive in normal delivery pls i hwred some positive and negtive review about otiv sir so i am confused and any body know dr madhlikha sing from adityabirla pls help me


  • Hi @daksh

    It is good to know that had a positive results with IVF. Please help and tell the best doctor name in Indira for IVF as we are married for 5 years and have been trying for baby and no good news till date. Do you recommend Indira IVF for us ? Who would be the best doctor there to go for this. Thanking you in advance.
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  • I just realized that this post is old you must be a parent by now :). Hope you understand what we are undergoing through. Kindly help.
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