Suggest a good dermatologist near Anna nagar Chennai for skin tag removal

I had tiny skin tags or warts on my upper cheek area below the eyes. I had consulted a dermatologist 8 yrs ago and got it removed. She had said that it's permanent and the tags won't show up again. Everything went on fine and there were no scars or any marks on my face. Since a year the tags have shown up again in the same place n my face is back to how it was 8 yrs back before removal.
Recently my beautician noticed it and advised me to get it removed and she can do it. She also said that it will spread all over if not removed. I have asked her some time to think over. My query here is that I thought skin tags are dead skin and won't harm. Beautician says they it really true ? Should I get it removed again? Not sure how long will it not appear again as it showed up for me after 8 yrs of removal. Should I go to a dermatologist or is beautician ok to get the tags removed? Anyone who had skin tags and got it removed? How did u get it done? Pls share ur experience.
Please suggest a good dermatologist near Anna nagar who can give me the right advice.


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    It is just a fold of skin that occurs due to repeated friction. Some people are more prone genetically to get skin tags as well as those who are obese or have diabetes. There is no evidence to prove that if you get them removed, they'll return. It all goes down to genes. They are absolutely benign and don't need removal except for cosmetic reason. The best way to get them removed is to visit a certified dermatologist who will perform it properly. Sometime hormonal changes result in the reappearance of these are certain types which are contagious so if you have it on any other part of the body, it might start showing up on the face if you have scratched the wart n then touched your face. So its better to get it properly diagnosed by a good expert dermatologist and please don't let the beautician remove it. I had one and I got it removed by Dermatologist. And my doctor give me all this knowledge. But I am sorry I do't know any doctor in Chennai for this.

    As per home remedy you can try Apple cider vinegar on tags ( dab it on tag at least 3 times a day) over the period of time ( atleast one moth so you will have to have patience) it will fall off. In my family skin tags are common.One of my Aunt swear by homeopathy . You can try homeopathy also . There is this medicine called Thuja it surely helps. Thuja 30c as pills at least 4 pills two times a day and also there is Thuja ointment also which should be applied on the tag.

    All the best !

    Please do share your experience.
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  • Thanks Vino. That's such useful information. I am gonna try homeopathic first then anything else.
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