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Hello friends. I like this forum very much. I love to help people and I have found that these people are helping others. So, I also thought to help. I collect my friends experience with Gynecologist and here are the reviews of them

Dr. Visalakshi at Tambaram West: V.N Hospital is good VN hospital is in the West Tambaram, near Shanmugam road. Dr. Visalakshi is an experienced hand. A friend of mine who had consulted her for her deliveries had a very good experience and they were quite happy about her treatment.

Dr. Roja Roy : Dr. Roja Roy New life hospital in camp road. Very good doctor.... Very kind and always smiling.... . Go in the morning by 9 you can avoid rush.

Dr.Soorirya : Dr. Sooriya in Sooriya Hospital, Vadapalani. Best in my knowledge. I have had a good experience with her and I have also been with my best friend's deliveries (she could deliver twins normally). Soft spoken friendly and available anytime for your assistance.

Dr Rajeswari : Dr Rajeswari of Ramachandra hospital is the best Gynecologist I ever met. Very soft spoken lady, extremely good. She sits in Vadapalani on Saturdays and Sundays in the evening after 7. I used to travel all the way from Pallavaram.... Worth it from all the aspects..

Dr.Subbulakshmi :Dr. Subbulakshmi in Pankajam memorial hospital smile emoticon. I had my delivery there. .but consulting time is very long...You have to wait for longggg time...more rush

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    Please suggest a good gynaecologist in Mylapore Chennai. I am first time pregnant. Plz suggest the one who is best
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  • Dr. Shobana visited Apollo Cradle in Mylapore
    She is very soft and handles any issues with personal care and concern. she would always my first choice. A friend of mine also went to her with some complications in the middle of the pregnancy. she handles so well that our entire friends went to her for their pregnancies.

  • Hi all, I am looking for good gynecologist around washermenpet for normal delivery. Kindly provide your suggestions.
  • I am having pcod, and laproscopy is not successful. Pl suggest experienced gynecologist in Chennai
  • @sukanya @SasiKala

    As many of you are looking for good gynecologist do I have asked in my social circle to recommend best of the gynecologist based on their experience I am sharing the list below . Please find a good doctor near your place . And best of luck for your treatment

    1. Dr.Uma ram ……….Seethpathy clinic, Royapettah, Chennai …..A very good gynecologist who gives enough time to explain all the queries clearly. She tries for normal delivery.

    2. Dr. Rajshri Shankar ……………Apollo Velachery/ Velachery Doctors Plaza …………I highly adore and admire Dr Rajshri Shankar from Apollo.she sits in Apollo velachery ,kottapuram clinic and Apollo cradle.I and my husband both admire her for her friendly and casual approach. I was way too terrified throughout my pregnancy and that lady used to counsel me on each and every visit till I calm down. She never forced on me" to do list "never scared me and used to answer my each and every question which I used to pick up from Google. I highly recommend her. she will answer whatever silly doubts no matter how silly

    3. Dr Charumathi ……… Apollo Greams road …………… Dr Charumathi is a friendly and experienced gynecologist. For my health issues I needed a surgery but I was too scared, she gave me confidence and also was beside me (surgery was done by another doc) Now I think if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be this strong. Experience of almost 25 +is a added advantage. Motherly approach too.

    4. Dr. Kurian Joseph / Dr. Rekha Kurian ……… Joseph's Nursing Home , Poonamalle high road …….. They both are excellent in handling complicated pregnancies. Very hygienic and homely place. I had my delivery there. All the duty doctors and nurses are well trained and so helpful. My personal experience was with Dr. Rekha Kurian. Despite having numerous patients (it's crowded with patients everyday), she still remembers each patient by name and the case as well. The downside is that u have to wait a while to meet them. However it's worth the wait for any complex medical conditions. Or duty doctors are available 24/7. Also they always push for normal delivery.

    5. Dr.sudha……………..New life Hospital, Sembakkam……………..A very friendly and hears you . You can take appointment by phone. It is very crowdy but very good gynecologist so worth wait. She helps normal delivery which is economical as well. And good postnatal care too.

    6. Dr. Esther Issac ….. No 14/25, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600086, Near Agarwal Eye Hospital…………. never a long wait time, spends a considerably good time with each patient, explains in simple lay-man language what the patient needs to know, is very very cautious about the baby and mother's health - places utmost importance to that, does everything she can to ensure a normal delivery, treats people with courtesy, and what I liked the best is that they don't make a big fuss over pregnancy - they make sure you live your life normally with just a few precautions.

    7. Dr. Wahida Suresh…………… OMR Apollo …… she sees in Kotturpuram Apollo Clinic and Omr Apollo...very friendly doctor and makes u feel very comfortable as well.

    8. Dr. Mallika Samuel …………Apollo Hospital chetpet........Very nice lady .Listens to you.Prays before every operation. And does delivery. She sees patient in her home on Butt road.

    9. Dr.Chitra Subramaniam……….St Isabella s Hospital ,Mylapore........A very sweet doctor and talks very well. She responds every query. She attends phone call at any time. She encourages. Listens your favorite doctor whom I would like to recommend she tries 100% for normal delivery.There are also few more doctors in the same hospital like Dr.Rekha,Dr.Usha,Dr.Philomena. I have heard about them through my relatives. They are also experienced n good gynecologist and tries normal delivery maximum.

    10. Dr Rajeswari……………… Ramachandra hospital……… Very soft spoken, cool, never panics, handles complicated situations with ease. I have recommended her to friends who've been very satisfied. She has a clinic in vadapalani where she sees patients on sat/Sun eve. No waiting time.

    11. Dr.Bhuvaneswari.......Dhaarani clinic, Tambaram…………….Very caring doctor. She even answers all phone calls. She has friendly mannerism which is excellent.

    12. Dr. Sooriyakala / Dr. Mathangi ……………… Sooriya hospital……… Quite strict but are really good. Their main goal will be for normal delivery only. Except in few cases where have to go for compulsory C section.
    They have prenatal yoga classes and 2 counselling sessions one in first half of pregnancy and the other in second half. It is for both the father and mother.
    Counselling in the sense, they speak about the whole pregnancy - prenatal and postnatal process & issues. They are also known for Vbac ( vaginal delivery after c –sec)

    13. Dr.Lata Jawahar………….Mehta Hospital………………. She is a very well experienced doctor who is sweet & equally strict with her patients. Patients would love to obey her. I would await my monthly check ups just to meet her. Ever smiling.

    14. Dr. Anitha Parthasarathy. ………Anuradha Maternity Center, Tnagar…….. An amazing doctor. It was always so comforting during my pregnancy to go see her. She can tell you what's happening to you very accurately. During my delivery both her and her staff were very supportive and I can think back only with very fond memories. You fix an appointment for a specific date. When u get there on that date you are allowed in a first come first serve basis. She is quite quick so waiting time is less. You can't get her on phone often though. You can only speak to one of her assistants. But it worked very well for me so I would definitely recommend her.

    15. Dr Shanti Sanjay ………………Venkataeswara Hospitals, Chamiers road ,Nandhanam ... She is an awesome Doctor. She is such a nice person, good listener, adorable, sometimes strict with respect to medical conditions etc.. The most important point is she will try to the maximum for Normal Delivery. Few of my friends & relatives have had normal delivery over there.Very nominal fee as well. I would strongly recommend her.Once u visit her for the very first time and have a word with her you'll like her and decide her as ur Gynecologist.

  • 16. Dr.Rajasri……………..Shri Maternity Clinic, T.Nagar……. She had done my both delivery. She always prefer go for VBAC. She conducts prenatal yoga and exercise classes, counselling classes at the 3rd and 9th month of pregnancy. Love her attention in all ways. I recommend my doc Dr.Rajasri to everyone.

    17. Dr. Samundi Shankari………..Srushti hospital, Ramapuram & Kotturpuram……….An excellent doctor in every aspect. Keeps patients comfortable all the way long, doesn't over charge & the team supporting her is also equally reliable. 100% recommended.

    18. Dr.Chitra…………..Family Clinic, Anna Nagar…………she is very experienced and caring. She is an expert in handling complex cases.

    19. Dr.Balakumari ……. K.S Hospital, Velachery........ The hospital is small but awesome. She is very knowledgeable, approachable. And importance is given to the whole experience and health of the mom & to be born baby . Informative Cds are given every trimester, they have physiotherapy, exercises etc conducted on regular basis. Basically she covers everything verbally and through cds . You are free to ask n number of doubts. She is very good listener and She makes sure that the patient should not be taking tension. And yes she doesn't believe in squeezing your pocket, bills do not exceed the estimate unless there are last min emergencies or complications. she tries for normal unless it’s not possible. This hospital has a good pediatrician also Merlin Vincy.

    20. Dr. Anitha parthasarathy …………. Anuradha Maternity Center ( AMC) at Tnagar. …….Véry charming and experienced gynecologist. She speaks in such a way that you won't feel as if you have come for treatment. Very fast as well accurate and also don't misguide too. Once if u go there you will be fully satisfied.

    21. Dr. Sudha reddy / Dr. Radha……….. Royal hospital, Alwarthirunagar……….. They are so patient in answering all queries. The best thing about them is that 99.9%of the time they try for normal delivery.
  • Hi friends,
    I am in out of country, we are planing to do delivery in chennai, but i can come to chennai only on my 8th months, can you suggest the good and cost effective gynachologist in and around purasawalkam, chennai, who do the normal delivery...
  • Hi friends,
    I am from middle class family background. My wife has now conceived. And we are looking for normal delivery in good hospital for reasonable price. Please suggest me good hospital in Chennai based on your experience and trust.
  • I am in out of country, we are planing to do delivery in chennai, but i can come to chennai only on my 7th months. can you suggest the good and cost effective gynachologist in chennai, who do the normal delivery...
  • @Githia
    Some of the Dr recommended by the community members are
    Dr.Rajasri……………..Shri Maternity Clinic, T.Nagar
    Dr. Samundi Shankari………..Srushti hospital, Ramapuram & Kotturpuram
    Dr.Chitra…………..Family Clinic, Anna Nagar
    Dr.Balakumari ……. K.S Hospital, Velachery
    Dr. Anitha parthasarathy …………. Anuradha Maternity Center ( AMC) at Tnagar
    Dr. Sudha reddy / Dr. Radha……….. Royal hospital, Alwarthirunagar

    You can read more details about these Dr in the posts above.
  • Hi This is Bikash. I am residing at Mogappair. From all the kind feedback you have given i found Dr Soorya Kala ( Soorya Hospital , Vadapalini) and Dr Rajeswari ( Ramachandra Hospital) will be preferred for me.Could you please suggest me who will be most preferred for me in all aspects. All aspects means delivery place . If i will prefer Dr Rajeswari , where she can operate at the time of Delivery . Is it Ramachandra Hospital or at her own clinic. Because recently i had one bad experience in one of my friend's case. If anybody having experience with Dr Rajeswari kindly share with me.
  • @bikash as your query seems 3 months old I am sure now you must be a proud parent. I need your help as we are also in the process of finalization of the gynecologist and hospital for my second delivery. My first delivery I had in coimbatore. Someone told me about Ramachandra hospital and Dr rajeswari. So if you can please share your experience with this hospital in terms of how much it costed you . How was doctor and nurses care etc. that will surely help.

    Looking forward for your feedback
  • Hello all , I am mother of 2.5 year old boy. we have recently shifted to Chennai on OMR road. Looking for a good gynecologist on OMR , it will be helpful if someone can suggest the gynecologist or hospital who helps with VBAC. How is Apollo cradle for VBAC .
  • Hi

    How about doctor Sujatha c in Ramana children's hospital in chrompet.for c section how much they charge. Please share the review of the doctor and baby delivery in this hospital in chennai.

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