SGPGI Lucknow- Doctor Amit Gupta- Kidney Transplant

Dr Amit Gupta is the best Dr for kidney transplant .I have seen him from last 12 years and he is really very good.

He did for my sis in 2003 and she is perfectly fine.I always recommend him and never seen doctor like him.
So polite so gentle very hard working.


  • @Akhilendra Verma
    Thanks for your contribution.
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  • Thanks Akhilendra for the info. Really helpful.
  • I want to find contact numbers of few patients who have gone through this and survived..As my sister is a one such fighter.. now we are trying to find a different social circle where she an share her experiences or fears or may b more.. so if anyone you know plz help.. they can make a vatsapp group or so .
  • @archana First of all sending lot of healing prayers for your sister. May God keep her healthy and happy. She must be a fighter and I am sure she must be a lot to share and her experiences and other such people experience can help a lot who are looking for such support group.

    Archna I can start a special thread for kidney transplant survivors I will tag you there and you can ask your sister to join and start sharing her experience. Slowly I know people will come. That is how I started this website to find people who are going through the same issue and can share with each other. All these experience can help many people looking on this kind of information.

    Looking forward to hear your sister fighting story. Take care.
  • Thanks manisha.. hope more people come forward..
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