Please suggest a good Dermatologist in Koramangala,Bangalore.

Can anyone please suggest a good dermatologist in Bangalore? And has anyone consulted DR Krupa Shankar? How's his treatment?


  • @chachu_76 What is your location ? You can try Dr. Elizabeth, she sits in Nova Medical Koramangla. As per me she is the best dermatologist. I had recommended this doctor to someone else also...see below

    One of my office colleague used to see Dr Krupa Shankar and was happy with his treatment but sometime back he told me that Dr Krupa has left Bangalore so not sure. So will ask him.
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  • @Sahana I'm located in Koramangala 5th block. Dr.Krupa Shankar is available in Mallige medical centre, Crescent road. But i have heard that the consultation fee for him is too high and he only prescribes costly medicines. Do you know of any doctor in Koramangala 5th block?
  • @chachu_76 If you are looking for skin related issue then I would highly recommend Dr Sujaya Hegde though she is not in Koramangala. She is too good dermatologist but yes she also prescribes medicines which are expensive but they work! She sits in cmh road , Indiranagar clinic.
  • @Anitha Thanks ! :smile: but it would be great if someone could help me find a dermatologist in Koramangala. As i'm new here, it is a bit confusing to go with the online reviews. I thought of consulting Dr.Sachit Abraham,but waiting for someone to give me reviews about him.
  • Hi,
    You can consult to Dr.Dinesh @ Hairline Clinic, He is the best Dermatologist in Bangalore for Hair Loss & Skin.
  • Hey all ,
    I am also looking for a good dermatologist near koramangala. I have been struggling with acne for last 5 years n nothing really works on my skin. I have tried all possible acne treatment gel / creams but nothing works. Please help based on personal experience
    Thanks in Advance
  • @minipaul Dr Elizabeth in sarjapur road is really good dermatologist from personal experience . you can read my comment above.
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