Best dentist on OMR for root canal procedure

Hi , Searching a good dentist on OMR, preferably near sholinganallur on OMR. I have a severe pain in my tooth , doctor at my native told me that root canal is required. I have heard that once if the root canal is done then there is problem for life time. Doctor prescribes this procedure as they make money by this procedure. Please suggest a good doctor/ clinic who are not money minded.


  • Hi Ajl , Have you found good dentist for root canal on OMR ? My father in law wants to get the check up done on urgent basis. Thanks.
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  • @Lihare01 As I have heard many bad stories about root canal so I thought I will give a try to other alternative methods.

    Now a days I am doing regular oil pulling with coconut oil and also I am taking calcarea phos and calcarea fluor 6x 4 times a day. I can manage the pain. I am trying to focus on my diet also like avoiding sugar , taking foods reach in calcium mag etc. As of now I can avoid this procedure. Let see how far i can do this.
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