Best gynecologist in bangalore for PCOS treatment


I am new to bangalore and i am looking for a good gynecologist who can provide good treatment for PCOS.
I am trying to conceive and would like to take medication under doctor's guidance. Kindly suggest me some good doctor's who have very good experience in treating such cases. Thanks in advance.


  • @Anusha One my friend had the same issue. And she conceived under Dr Prakash Kini's treatment at cloud nine jayanagar. You can also try. I know she had weight issues and she has been told to to exercise and eat right basically to manage her issue. If you want I can ask her more details. Btw Best of luck for your treatment :)
  • @Anusha you can try consulting an endocrinologist also. I have heard Dr Priya Chinnappa is good.

    @Harini can you ask your friend if she has taken treatment of any endocrinologist ever ?
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    Pcos can be best managed by a low carb diet and exercise. Additionally gluten free and dairy free diets are also recommended and they help a nutritional supplements a great help for PCOS.

    I will tell you my story. My gynecologist had given me diane 35 (contraceptive pill) for 6 months. I had my 6 month dose by the time I was taking the medicine my periods were regular but the moment I stopped my periods got delayed. Also due to this medicine I had put on more weight.

    Then I realized this is not going to help me and I needed strong determination. exercise walk n diet control.Diane and all are temporary solutions. I don't even want to talk about the side effects of hormonal therapy.So I started doing combination of strength and cardio ( HIIT) exercises and also reducing carbs and included good quality fat like coconut oil and avacado. Believe me it will show the effects and the periods will take some time to fall into place.

    So basically what I have realized that Pcos is usually a lifestyle disorder. Change your eating habits and be more active throughout the day.Reduce your weight.reduce your high carb and sugar mostly low carb , high fibre whole grains , veggies except starchy ones and fruits.Do more physical activity and in no time you will be fine.
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