Diastasis rectus diagnosis and possible treatment in chennai

I suspect that I have DR/ diastasis rectus issue . I am mother of 9 month old baby. Does anyone know if this is curable or not. First of all I want to know how do I confirm , I mean which doctor to see? Do I need see a physician or gynecologist ? Are there any exercise or Yoga or Physiotherapy which can help me with this problem.

Please suggest a good doctor who can help me with this problem in chennai.


  • You can see a Gastroenterologist to confirm DR . Because you should know if this need any attention or not. If it's a severe case then it might need the surgery to correct it otherwise some simple core exercise will help.

    Yoga and physiotherapy can surely help to stabilize and strengthen your core muscles. You can also check at your own just lie flat on your back lift your head & legs at the same time. If u see a straight line bulge in the centre of your abdomen from below your breasts to your umbilicus then you might have DR. But it is good to see an expert to confirm because If DR is not treated then loose muscles can cause Hernia and back pains.
    So please confirm and treat accordingly. All the best .

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  • Thanks sugna . You seem experienced. I will try as u have suggested.
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