Rate of Normal Delivery Vs. C-Section at Columbia Asia & Inamdar Hospital


I am planning a baby soon and have shortlisted on Dr. Mini Salunkhe for my gynae needs. It will be really helpful if anyone can share recent experiences with this doctor. That will help me reach a final decision.

I stay at Magarpatta City and both Columbia Asia and Inamdar are in proximity. I read few reviews here but feel that the cases of C-Section are more common than normal deliveries. Please share your observations and experiences about the above two hospitals. Thanks!


  • PS: I found out that Dr. Mini Salunkhe is no more associated with Columbia Asia Hospital. Secondly, if anyone has had experience with Dr. Asha Gavade? Please share.
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  • Hello Ray,
    Which doctor you have finalized?
    I have shortlisted Mini Salunkhe..she is now operating from her own clinic inDC in magarpatta and cloudnine kalyaninagar.

    Other one is Madhuri Burande Laha from Columbia Asia. I see many reviews about her as well.

    But highly no no to Inamdar hospital, I am staying in Fursungi area ..nearby hadapsar. In inamdar hospital newborn in one room and very adjacent room would be having any heart patient or accident patient.. how can we trust on hygiene then?

    Let me know whom you consult and your review. Where do you stay ?
  • Hello Ray,

    Which doctor you have finalized?

    I have shortlisted Mini Salunkhe..she is now operating from her own clinic inDC in magarpatta and cloudnine kalyaninagar.

    Other one is Madhuri Burande Laha from Columbia Asia. I see many reviews about her as well.

    But highly no no to Inamdar hospital, I am staying in Fursungi area ..nearby hadapsar. In inamdar hospital newborn in one room and very adjacent room would be having any heart patient or accident patient.. how can we trust on hygiene then?

    Let me know whom you consult and your review. Where do you stay ?

    Hello somedayMomma,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on Inamdar Hospital.

    I visited Dr. Mini Salunkhe for pre-conception consultation at her clinic in DC. Can not say much on the basis of one visit. She told us about the mathematics of conceiving. Checked with us for any history of medical issues. Advised Folic acid. Recommended few tests. I think it went well for a pre-conception advise. Have to collect test reports in a day or two.

    How about you? I mean are you pregnant currently, if yes, then how long has it been?

    I stay close to Magarpatta Road.
  • Currently I am in Bangalore... I am coming to Pune next month. I am carrying 5 months now.

    Even I had taken pre pregnancy consultation , here in Bangalore.

    It included my diet, work routine, family health background details in discussion.

    I had prescribed, folic acid once a day.
    Walking. Exercise.
    Follicular study.
    And husband's semen analysis.

    I had PCOD , but my doc helped me to convince.

    I got positive results in 3 months. If you have been advised same then you are on correct path.
    I wish you luck...
  • Thanks! Please share your experience with the doctor once you are in Pune. All the best!
  • Hello Ray,

    Just for your information, one of my friends from magarpatta is consulting Dr Asha Gavade.. in Care clinic, behind Amnora.

    They were trying for baby and have very good review about her. Got positive results in 3 months.

    Hope it helps.
  • Hey somedayMomma,

    Thanks for sharing that feedback! :)

  • @somedayMomma and @Ray thanks to both of you for helping each other. :)
  • @Manisha a big thanks to you for making this possible! :)
  • @Ray I am so glad you think this way. God bless you dear. Keep helping !:)
  • @somedayMomma Hello! Have you moved to Pune? I needed a favour from you. Can you check with your friend more on Dr. Asha Gavade. How is her clinic and services there. Where she does the deliveries, which all hospitals?

    I have been to Dr. Mini's clinic twice. I did not like the management there.
    I had got 5 pre-conception tests done. My husband went there after few days than the day committed by the receptionist. Even then he was made to wait for about 40 minutes for the test reports. At the time of report collection my husband checked twice with the receptionist if any report was missing. The receptionist assured that all the reports were handed over.

    On the follow up visit, Dr. Mini pointed out that one report was missing. When we checked with the receptionist, the guy remarked that the particular report is not prepared at their own end. It comes from some other clinic. He promised to mail it to us within next 1-2 days. But he did not! Later I called and followed up at the clinic and finally got a soft copy of that report.

    So wondering what to do...

    Also, despite a scheduled appointment there's usually half an hour to one hour's waiting period at the clinic.

    But I think that is a common practice throughout Pune.

    PS: I might be pregnant! Confirmation awaited :)
  • Hey @Ray thats great news!! I hope for the best.. all my best wishes.

    My friend is visiting Dr Asha Gawade for last 4 months.. she got positive results.
    but her clinic is behind Amnora Mall, named Care clinic.. She consults from there. Its just 1 BHK apratment, she converted into clinic. seems knowledgeable to her!

    She visits Noble, Sahyadri.. and Columbia Asia it seems, my friend chosen her on mouth publicity that she heard in Magarpatta neighborhood.

    I personally have not interacted with Dr though.
    Nowdays, even I had heard some unsatisfied clients of Mini Salunkhe.

    so would be rethinking.

    for me .. now shortlist comes to
    1) Dr Madhuri Burhande Laha (Coulumbia Asia)
    2) Dr Asha Gawade

    My flight is on 18th, soon to be at my birth place.. to give birth of my little one!

    I am excited!
  • @somedayMomma - Nice to hear about your excitement! Wish you a pleasant journey :smile:

    And yes, I am pregnant! :blush:

    Have to wait for 2 weeks to get sonography done.

    I had no issues with the doctor but the service at the clinic. Actually Express Clinic is not her own, she is a visiting doctor there.
    Have taken a note to not get any tests done at that clinic.
    Dr. Mini also sits at Cloudnine Hospital but Express Clinic is like 5 minutes away from my place, so I prefer seeing her there. I am planning to schedule some appointments at Cloudnine as well. So as to get an idea about it.

    For now I have decided to stick around with her.

    BTW, I had called Dr. Asha Gavade for an appointment (was thinking of seeing her clinic as well). Came to know that there is no appointment system at her clinic. One has to go as walk-in patient and wait for the turn! That sounded inconvenient, so I dropped the idea.

    Let me know your experiences once you engage with a gynae.

    Take care.

  • Hey @Ray .. that's great news!!
    I am so happy for you. Best wishes.

    I must say this.. please drink lots of water as this is summer and you need to be hydrated all the time.

    Let me know if you need anything in your first trimester.. I have just passed this phase and have lot of to share.. :)
  • Hello @somedayMomma ...thanks for your wishes! :smile:

    Yes, weather is taking a toll this year! Favorably, I have always been good with my water intake.

    It is an overwhelming phase. Every passing hour leaves me feeling different - lethargic, energetic, washed-out, hopeful, anxious, lazy, thoughtful, thoughtless!

    At times I am not able to decide whether my body is actually that tired or I have turned lazy and lethargic.

    I have been trying to make myself take regular walks for last few weeks now. Alas! That happens only 1-3 days in a week.

    What do you say on this?

    Any experience or advice that you share will help :smile:
  • Hello @Ray ..nice to hear back from you.

    I am doing walking 30 to 45 minutes walk a day, whenever I get time from office. I do house hold work too like mopping and brooming, cooking etc to keep myself active.but with big helping hand of husband.

    hope you are done with CBC, sugar and thyroid.
    You would be prescribed NT scan and double marker blood test now. Please don't get tensed if you don't get scanning done in one go. I had to visit hospital 3 days to get perfect readings. My little one used to keep on moving alot, hence doc could not check baby's heart properly, baby has to be in lying on back to check heart and nose and kidney, and then turn face down to check spinal cord. And It's not in our hand when baby would turn and move. I tried for 3 days to get perfect position...!! My point is just do not rush to complete the scan. It's okay to be late and do perfect.

    I had coconut water everyday during my first trimester. And cup of milk.

    How's your diet?
    Do you work?
  • Hi @Ray and @somedayMomma so finally which doctor did u shortlist? I too stay in hadapsar and currently 3 months pregnant....It was a tedious task for me to choose a doctor.... Initially I went to Dr.asha gavade but she does transvaginal sonography right from 1st visit...Even though she herself tells that she won't be able to understand anything so early....2ndly blood tests are done by her husband in the same clinic but only at the time of billing u ll come to know wat test she is doing.3rdly it's all about commission in her clinic..She specifies the centre from where u need to do sonography or other tests that too separate clinics for each sonography.finally she literally force ppl to deliver in instead hospital....Only one thing is really good about her is her friendly behaviour and she is reachable at any point of time.if u have no problem with the above points u can surely visit her.
    2nd I went to Dr.supriya puranik. She is also a very nice person but she is not reachable over phone.i suffered from simple throat pain and fever and when I contacted her deptt they told me to go for a check up in sahyadri...And min wait time in sahyadri is 2hr.So if u face any minor problem still u need to go to the hospital and there is no other way to consult her.
    I am waiting for some reviews on Dr.mini salunkhe as I have read some good reviews abt her but not sure.
  • @vijeta ...

    I am consulting Dr Madhuri Laha from Columbia hospital.

    I had visited Dr Asha Gavade once, but it was on walk in basis, saw some people are doing tests at her clinic which are costly than outside, and delivery in Inamdar hospital. These were reasons I rejected her.

    My colleague used to visit Dr Mini Salunkhe when she was in Nobel, as per her , she could hardly meet doctor.. and instead her assistant used to do consultation, 3 years back this was totally different, but past month story is like this, additionally she would do procedure in cloudnine kalyaninagar. Crossing magarpatta signal and mundhawa signal then kalyani nagar bridge in rainy season , heavy traffic is difficult in case of emergency, and being pregnant is hard for me.

    Now I come to Dr Madhuri, she has very good name for normal delivery, but kind of strict, for your diet and exercise, but it's good for me and my baby so I am glad..!! She also shares her mobile numbers...SMS only and email id to contact her! If need to face to face checkups, works on appointment in Columbia and walk in visit in her private clinic. I prefer Columbia .. as I can do sonography there and without waiting for reports I can visit doctor. They upload all reports in my profile and doctor can see in her computer. I came from Bangalore Columbia to Pune, they have all my minor details and reports from very first day to till now, that she can refer. For blood and urine tests, she herself suggested not to come to any hospital,instead given me contact of Apollo diagnostic which is near seasons mall, they come to home collection without any extra charges, rather cheaper than Bangalore for sure!! Reports in mail by evening.

    She spent good amount of time to answer my queries..so basically I choose her on basis on availability, experience, reputation, and distance and time to reach her.

    Hope this helps!!
  • I had goo experience with Dr. Madhuri too. And also with Dr. Otiv of KEM Hospital. This hospital is far away far away and at Rasta Peth. But columbia is also fine
  • Hey,

    It's been long since I returned to this post!

    I am a blissful mom of an adorable two months (almost) old boy now :)

    I was throughout consulting Dr. Mini Salunkhe. She is a highly experienced doctor and am glad that I went to her. I had normal delivery at Cloudnine Hospital (Kalyani Nagar).

    The hospital too is a great choice! Completely a maternity hospital, this place has those calming vibes that an expecting mother needs. Unlike any other hospital, this place is a vibrant, happy place with no hospital-associated-smell lurking around or sight of patients suffering from god-knows-what-all-sort-of-diseases.

    My experience with Dr. Mini as well as Cloudnine was great!
  • Hi Ray,
    Was your delivery normal or cesarean?
  • @Ray First of all congratulation for the little bundle of joy in your life :smile:

    And thank you so much for taking time out ( I know how difficult is to get one minute of me time when the baby is around) and sharing the good news with us :)

    So glad to know that you had a normal delivery . Any tips would you like to share for the other expected mommies to staying fit and getting ready for normal delivery.

    How much was overall cost of normal baby delivery at cloud nine?
  • @purwaramit .
    How are you ? Which gynecologist you are currently going to and how is your experience till now. Please share more with us .

    Ray had a normal delivery which i understand from her post .
  • @somedayMomma How are you doing ? We are waiting to hear from you :)
  • @Manisha I am doing great and sorry for the late post....

    I am blessed with baby boy in Columbia Asia pune.. My gynecologist was Madhuri Laha...
    With normal delivery...

    Experience was awesome blossom... I never felt that I am in hospital for a single moment.. So much care and affection I got from hospital staff... Polite nurses.. And smiling faces was a shocker for me though....

    Baby treatments, new born screening everything taken care properly.
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