looking for good orthopedic doctor in Sholinganallur chennai

Hi ,

I am having on and off lower back pain from last 6 months almost and I am looking for a good orthopedic or a neurologist I am not very sure through. As this pains starts from back and whole my left leg is affected due to that . Please suggest whom should I consult.


  • @Ketaki
    You can consult Dr Phani kiran . He is Ortho -Spine Expert in Global hospital. I have consulted him once. Actually I had injured my back due as I was trying to pick my then 3 year old kid and I think due to some wrong posture I had bad back pain and I could not move . My husband gave me some pain killer and took me to Global hospital and we asked whom should we consult and they told about this doctor.

    Global is very costly hospital. I do not remember the registration charge now but I remember doctor consultation fee was around 900 rs.

    Doctor was good and he examined we well and gave me some medicine and advised rest for 3- 4 days and told me you will be fine. And said if not fine then some physio I will prescribe.

    But I was fine within 5 days. Best of luck to you as well :)
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