My right ear I am hearing wind like noise.. What's wrong ? what to do ?

Has anyone of you faced this ? I slept well yesterday night, but since morning am hearing a wind like noise in my ear. Not sure as to what to be done ?
Is my ear alright ? Should I immediately go to a hospital or is it OK to wait for couple of days and see if it will be fine on its own ?


  • It is very common it happens with me also. Sometime some air gets trapped and it will be fine at its own in a day. You should wait. In my case last 2 times it was fine at its own .
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    Sounds like tinnitus. Occasional spells are quite normal especially as we grow older, but any spells that repeat more than four to five times a month or more than once a week then it needs medical attention to rule out any underlying causes.
  • I agree alok it should be nothing serious and ideally you should wait . But by any chance if you have any infection ( due to cold or due to excessive wax or water in ear) it will not go at its own in that case you might need to see ENT . ENT will put some medicine and clean your ear and it should be fine then.
  • Thanks Harini, Alok and Mkapani for letting me know your thoughts on this.

    I have got my ear cleaned just couple of months back so, I don't think it is wax related issue. Moreover, the noise stopped after 2 -3 hrs in morning. And today am feeling fine. Will show to a doctor if frequency increases. Thanks Harini once again for the suggestion.
  • @Shailendra Shakya good to hear that you are doing fine. Hope it does not happen often . Best of luck.
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