Dr. Gayathri Kamath's pregnancy consultation review

I am looking for Dr. Gayathri Kamath's pregnancy consultation review in Bangalore. Does she accept the patient in 7 months of pregnancy? Please share the clinic address and phone number.


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    @Arvind_yadav I personally like Dr Gayathri Kamath a lot. As she is very cordial and makes patient very comfortable. Yes I am sure she should accept the patient in late pregnancy as one of my colleague started consulting her in late pregnancy. You shall take her appointment in advance . Because at times it is difficult to get her appointment. Call Fortis Hospital at Bannerghatta Road( Opposite IIM-B) for her appointment. They shall further connect you to her assistant to fix an appointment. Number is 66214444.
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  • Yes, Dr. Gayathri Kamath does accept patients with late pregnancy. I myself have experienced that. Recently I delivered my baby at Fortis hospital (10 days back). Both Dr. Gayathri and Dr. Anita K Mohan are excellent, cordial, knowledgeable, expert doctors. Both the doctors keep the morale of the would-be-mother very very high. I consulted both the doctors and finally Dr. Anita K Mohan got my baby delivered - and to all of our happiness it was a NORMAL DELIVERY :-)
  • @kums thanks for sharing your experience. I want to know the cost of baby delivery at Fortis hospital. Please tell me how much it costed you ? You had normal delivery or C- sec? Please share the cost.
  • Hi Smrithi, Mine was a normal delivery - thanks to Dr Anita K Mohan for it (the normal delivery) because there was a bit of complicity with my pregnancy.

    Coming to the cost - they have different packages - if you take a twin sharing room, it would cost you about 52K, if you take a single room (they call it private delux), it would cost you about 75K.
  • Hi Smrithi, Since I had taken epidural, my expenses were a bit higher. I would like to rectify - Fortis cost is 52K for Twin sharing & 65K for private delux (single room).
  • Dr.Gayathri kamath's consultation helped me a lot in pursuing a normal delivery. She is one of the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. My delivery was 2 weeks prior to the due date so I was induced, it was advised to take an epidural during the labour pain, I took it and was relived for about 2 hrs. Dr Gayathri was waiting for the baby to come down and was trying best for normal delivery. Finally my cutie pie arrived and she made a normal delivery possible for me as it was a case of C sec.
  • @praj Congrats on being a mommy. It is indeed rare to have a normal delivery when all is set for a C-sec. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

  • HI

    Want to know if Dr Gayathri Kamath is practicing anywhere else apart from fortis hospital for consulting for my wife.. I want to know if she is available for consultation in the evening time as in fortis she is there only till 1 pm. please help.

  • Hi

    Want to know if Dr Gayathri Kamath is practising anywhere else apart from Fortis hospital or clinic. I want to know if she is available for consultation in the evening time as in fortis she is there only till 1 pm. please help
  • @Deep

    Yes near vidyapeeta circle she has her clinic.
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