St.Stephens hospital for gyn/ob/pregnancy review

Plz give your views asap so that I may make the correct choice . How is st.Stephens hospital for pregnancy?


  • @amangla86 I am sharing the view of one of my friend in social circle . She has delivered both her kids on St. Stephens.As per her Dr Asha Sharma and Dr. Meenakshi both are awesome doctor at St. Stephens.

    She trusted these doctors for normal delivery. That's why she chose this hospital for both her deliveries. World is filled with hospitals where they will convince you that you have complications and you need an Cesarean. However St Stephens not like that. Delivery charges were around 30000. And it depends on how many days you stay there,baby care etc.
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  • @amangla86 I consulted Dr. Suseela Krishnankutty at st. Stephens Hospital delhi for throught out my pregnancy. She is an awesome doctor . You can consider her.
  • forgot to mention that C-sec cost was hardly 20,000 rs . which is less as compared to any other hospital. Normal delivery is around 10,000 only.
  • Dear @amangla86 @Manisha @Rachna
    If any of you know the recent pregnancy charges ( baby delivery) of normal and cesarean delivery in St Stephen Hospital tis hazari then please share.

    It will be a great help!

    Hello ,plz tell me cost of delivery charges in saint Stephan hospital if you have chosen that hospital for baby delivery.

  • Hi all

    Can anyone please give your reviews on current situation of st. Stephen's Hospital for delivery. I heard that they charge extra money and they do many test which are not needed for money.. And also pls let me know the cost of normal and c section delivery in the hospital
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