Knee Replacement in Medanta

Hello Everyone,

Here I would like to share my experience with Medanta during Knee replacement of my dad.

My dad had been experiencing enormous pain of Knee, Arthritics in right knee. We get him checked up in various city, all suggested for Knee replacement.

Few of my friend suggested for Medanta, Gurgaon. I was very scared with the past few story of Medanta. However by keeping stone over heart, I took my father there for OPD first. We all knew that only the option is Knee replacement. Still OPD is needed to discuss regarding operation, fee and all.

When I call to Medanta about 4 months ago, the cost was 3 Lakh. I called again one week prior of OPD, the ortho coordinator suggested 3.5 Lakh. At the final day of OPD, Doc, said it is 3.75 Lack package for 6 days. We were socked. Fee were getting high until we discussed in OPD.

There is a package of 3.75 lack including 6 days stay in hospital for everything of patient. However days may increase in abnormal condition.

So, we didn't have any option, so, we got ready for operation. We went for opd on Aug 10, 2016. Doc gave time Aug 16, 2016 for Admission and operation held on Aug 17, 2016.

on the day of Admission only two people are allowed to be with patient. On the operation day, prior to taking patient for operation you can meet with your patient.

Post operation in ICU, they allowed only one person to meet only for 5 minutes.

Entire day, they keep patience in ICU. Very next day, they transfer the patient to ward (if everything goes well during ICU).

I'm really happy, my father was also satisfied with the services they provide to their patient.

Round the clock nurses were with my father. Checkup, food, all sorts of assistance, nurses took care very carefully and timely.

Meeting time with patience was 1 hours in morning and 2 hours in evening. And they do not allow any attendant to stay with patience.

My father says, he never would have never got such services in another hospital.

on 23rd he got discharged from hospital.

Even all the paper work got done smoothly. There wasn't no any hassle. If you have any TPA/Panel/Insurance, Ortho coordinator guide all the thing in very manner.

There is no chick-chick no jhik-jhik of paper work in Mendanta. All gets done smoothly.

My Father is recovering currently walking using walker. He is also improving himself by doing exercise guided by the physiotherapist..

10 days Physiotherapist comes to your home in NCR/Delhi. Which is included in the package.

I would only suggest, to keep extra money after package in case your patient stays longer than 6 days.

They take entire agreed package/payment before Operation.

Let me know if you have any further question/query. I will try to answer/help.

As I was also along and seeking information regarding operation, here and there. I found satisfactory answer from a post on this webpage so I suggested to share my recent experience of Mendanta with you.

Thank you and stay healthy.


  • Thanks for sharing your experience, this will help answer lot of queries that other people have. Hope your father recovers fast.
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  • Thanks for your comment. It was a pleasant time. I'm hoping all will have the same in Medanta.
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