Some of the good Dentist in Chennai

Hello Friends.. Here are some of the best Dentist in Chennai..Found out through some of my social circle friends. Think to share with you all.

Dr. P R Chockaligam in Velachery:- Well experienced, genuine doctor. He is very polite with everyone including the patient and his staff. He suggested very clearly about whether to go or not for the treatment what all options are there for treatment and which one is good in which condition. I would highly recommend following a regular schedule of dental care for your child with the doctor.

Dr. T Elangovan in Choolaimedu :- Dr. was punctual. He explained me clearly the nature of my problem, that’s really good job I appreciate you sir, there are thousands of people who really need proper care and compassion from doctor like Dr. T Elangovan. He also took time to instruct me about the aftercare of the treatment. For me it was an anxiety free experience. The consultation was free and the other fees was very nominal.

Dr. R Rajkumar in Nanganallur :- Excellent service!! Cracking jokes, taking good care of patients, creating a home like ambiance in his clinic is an effective way to ease the nervous patients that attend him. The doctor was professional in prescribing the required treatment the also very polite and courteous.


  • @romi I am looking for a good cosmetic dentist for my sister. Her marrige is due in next 6 months. She has some uneven dental profile and some discoloration , she has seen on TV that this can be fixed in one or two sitting. If you know a good dentist who can do that . I will greatful. Also if any first time experince would help.
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