Suggest a good gynecologist in electronic city , Bangalore area

Please help me finding a good gynecologist in and around electronic city. If the doctor is good and experienced it will be helpful. Kindly share your experience with the gyne.


  • @prathima I can suggest Dr Lavanya Kiran in Electronic city. She is a good doctor and pays attention to details. But the only thing is that she visits Narayana Hrudayalaya center in electronic city on Tuesday and Friday for these two days only. You can see her in the evening after 4:30 take appointment and go. This hospital is opposite to Venalakni tech in electronic city.
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  • Dr. Beena Jaysingh & Dr. Shilpa Apte of Apollo Cradle - Koramanagala are very experienced & helpful. We consulted with Dr Beena Jaysingh, she advised us very well.
  • @Swetha: Did you consult Dr Beena for pregnancy/delivery related issues or for general gyne related advice?
  • in my experience doctor Lavanya kiran in electronic city narayana clinic is really bad.she is rude to me when i ask some doubts.i will never advice can get lots of other good kind doctor
  • Even I had same experience with the doctor as you said...amby
  • @amby @Parthima one my friend is looking for good gynecologist in electronic city . Please share the name of good doctor in that area which can give good time to first time mother. Thanks.
  • If she is comfortable in travelling. btm 16th main, Dr.Suman singh is available in her clinic. She is specialist in high risk pregnancy also. ...easily available both times of the day.....
  • @Swetha Please share the detail review of Dr Shilpa Apte like how much time she gives to her paitent ? Is she available on phone if required . Please share your experience that will really help.

  • My daughter is now 6 month pregnancy. Please suggest good hospital & doctor nearest to Electronic City Bangalore.

  • Hi,
    Did anyone consult Dr. Shilpa apte. How is she? Pl share your experience. I am also thinking to consult her for my second pregnancy.

  • Hi please suggest good gynaecologist in electronic city, otherthan lavanaya kiran.... above are bad reviews for her .

    Please suggest another doctor nearby and good hospital.
  • @Chirga You can refer the following two Dr. Based on your experience you can select the better one.
    Swetha said:

    Dr. Beena Jaysingh & Dr. Shilpa Apte of Apollo Cradle - Koramanagala are very experienced & helpful. We consulted with Dr Beena Jaysingh, she advised us very well.

  • Just a honest advice if you are living in e city and looking for a gud gyn options are very limited and narayana becomes a hotspot in such a situation but compromising on a gud doc is that a wise decision?? We learnt it a hard way so pls go for a gud doc and don't consider distance as a barrier. Doctor lavanya kiran who is one of the few doc in e city we read some gud and some bad reviews but bec it was nearest to us we went for initial scan thinking what can go wrong in initial stage but we both were wrong complete I was just 4 weeks pregnant and lavanya kiran sorry for not putting doctor as initials bec I don't think she is a doc said it is a high risk pregnancy as sac was not visible in the uterus ....sac is in tube can lead to internal bleeding and so many stories which really killed both of us mentally and we were almost prepared to abort the baby.But I don't know from where we just decided to see a doc in some gud hospital may be a apollo or a cloudnine in jayanagar appointment in cloudnine the same day we went with all our reports. We never mentioned this doc that we have been suggested to abort the baby , she checked all the report and asked us to come for a scan after a week and mentioned she can't see any complications what so ever as it was too early to say anything and u know what I m 3 months pregnant with everything normal (sac and heartbeat has come).now when I look back I rem words of so called doctor lavanya kiran high risk pregnancy, sac in tube, internal bleeding.........and the story is long and yes after mentioning all the complications possible she will say we will try to save the what a doctor.I was told to get admitted within an hour bec it was an emergency as per her....she was giving me some random shit medicines for what God knows bec the new doc from Cloudnine has stopped everything and had just prescribed foleic acid tablets. I m seeing Dr A.S shylaja and as per her everything was normal from day one.....I continued with my job (where I was told to get admit in hospital) and the baby is growing well.

    Pls excuse if I being rude here bec in these days u should read gud positive stuff but yes it is mere a frustration which is coming out. If u r soon going to be a mother pls don't see distance as a problem getting a gud doc is very very imp and people like lavanya kiran will convert your best days of pregnancy into a nightmare.

    Go for gud experienced doc in apollo cradle or cloudnine. I m seeing Dr As shylaja from cloudnine and is completely satisfied.

    Best of luck :)
  • @E_city for sharing your experience this would surely help many people who are looking for good gynecologist in electronic city.
  • Dr. Lavanya Kiran is an extremely rude doctor. She does not give any explanations for the procedure she conducts on the patients. She answers very rudely when a question is asked to her. Please avoid seeing this doctor, you will be greatly disappointed with her.
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