Good Orthopedist in Chennai

Hello All.
Sharing some good orthopedic doctors in Chennai.Hope It would be helpful to anyone..

Dr. R.N. Premkumar.. Velachery... :- Doctor is friendly,supportive. He always treats me with smile. He is really very nice doctor who is willing to speak to the patients and make them understand what their problem is. Nowadays good to see the doctor like him. Easily approachable, he explained clearly about the issue. clearly explains all our queries...he explained the pros and cons of the particular treatment...he ask us to take the decision. Also, he is not prescribing unnecessary medicines. Not forcing to do this...or...that…

Dr. P.R. Ashwin Vijay.....Saligramam...... :- It was a fantastic experience. He is the perfect doctor for Ortho whose diagnosis was comprehensive and precise. who has great care for his patients.He asked my problem very patiently and explained it in a detailed manner. He taught me some exercises to relieve the pain and also told me what to do and what not to do.The hospitality of the hospital is very nice. In general, he explains the ailment in detail for the layman to understand the situation for his/her precaution. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashwin Vijay.

Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram.....Adyar..... :- Very calm and patient individual.. Understood the problem and symptoms well and spent time to explain the various possibilities that could exist.. Explained the course of action and didn't rush to a diagnosis. Very optimistic and positive way of treatment. Very good hospitality and kind medication. But the doctor came very late to the clinic and had a long line of patients waiting!


  • Hi. Could anyone please suggest a good Orthopedist in TNagar. I need it urgently..
  • My SIL had experiencing the same some days back. And she went to Dr. Dhanraj in TNagar . I am sharing her experience with you. Hope it will help you.

    I did vacuum cleaning bending my knees down to avoid backache, because of that I was in pain below my knees I was experiencing it for past 1 month and then went to Dhanraj doctor in Tnagar he said I had neck sprain which affected my left hand he have me some exercise now am anything we see immediately we will b fine.

  • Dear Concern ,
    My mother is suffering serious pain in her knees. After examine all of her previous documents & medical checkup Bangladesh Apollo Hospital doctors suggested her to undergo for Knee surgery (knee replacement). But all of our family members like to continue her treatment (Surgery if required) in India MIOT Hospital Chennai. Looking for your opinion

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