My back pain treatment at Fortis Noida

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I had developed bad neck and shoulder pain in Dec 2012. I was not able to work on my laptop. First I started trying some home treatments like hot pad treatment and local application of Volini. It used to give momentary relief .

My Pain got worsened and then I met orthopedic surgeon at Fortis Noida. Doctor suggested me to go through the physiotherapy session . I had 15 days Ultrasonic treatment of shoulder and neck in Fortis Noida under Physio therapy section.It gave me some relief.

I had also been told to maintain a good posture.And have been asked to take frequent breaks and do some relaxing exercise even sitting at my seat only. Its been 6 months now. I am better.


  • I am facing quite similar problem, Abhi.

    Heat pad treatment is giving me a lot of relief however mild pain is always there. If you can share - Does Fortis have packages or sessions are customized ? Do they offer any corporate client discounts ?
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  • @Apurva

    Yes Fortis has packages . I had been given 7 days package first but as the pain was not cured so they extended it for 7 more days. I used to visit Fortis during office hours so timings were not fixed. whenever I had free time I used to go but yes I used to call and ensure that my physiotherapist is free.

    Physiotherapy section do not accept any corporate discount.
  • I would like to tell everyone based on my personal experience.If you want to avoid this kind of pain there are three precautions.
    1. Exercise
    2.Right Posture ( Specially while working on laptop)
    3.Take break ( just for 5 mins)every half an hour ( move hand and neck)
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    hi guys...

    i am working on nutrition for last many yrs. Would suggest you to take Protein, Calcium, bone health and multivitamin.

    Rest things are important but think for a while.....your body firstly must have good food to have some energy to do the above mentioned things like exercise.
    The right food you eat better you can be. Moreover, the food now a days is full of pesticides and less nutritive value thats y the fashion of taking supplements has increased. ALthough there is no harm in taking so until or unless the supllements are organic, grown and manufactured at a single place . (Refer : Secrets of Supplement - it tells u how to decide which brand is gud or bad)

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