Looking for review and cost at knee replacement in Fortis Escort Delhi

I am 76 years old. I had heart surgery in 2002 at escort, stenting in 2013 at escorts, and pacemaker in 2015. Knee replacement is to be done. B/L T.K.R preferably one knee at a time. Please tell me cost of surgery,twin sharing room,Private and under insurance. Escorts suits me well.


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    @prgagrg Ji My mother had her both knee transplanted under DR Ashok Rajgopal in Fortis Escort hospital delhi . When we had enquired the cost of knee replacement under doctor Dr Rajgopal ( He does operation at Fortis Escort and Fortis Gurgaon) and got to know that single knee replacement cost is around 3.25 lakhs and both the knee will be around 5.25 to 5.5 lakh.
    The total cost for my mother came around 5 lakh 39 thousand and we paid money in advance not covered through insurance. They say under insurance cost is little less. I am sharing our experience and cost . Hope this will help you. And all the best for you.

    shikha5 said:

    Hello all ..I am writing after a long time . I have something good to share. My mom finally got operated.

    I finally got my mom's surgery done at Fortis Escort. It's almost 2 months now. She is doing perfectly fine. Dr Rajgopal did her surgery .Hospital asked us to submit 5.5 lakhs . Which we made a bank transfer 2 days before my mom's admission to the hospital . My mother Got admitted on Monday morning around 10.00 AM and on the same day they perform certain tests . All her tests were ok. She had her surgery on tuesday ( 9: 30 AM). She said she was taken in the operation room and one green curtain was put in front of her and they gave a injection on the back of her after which she kind of slept and when the made her awake her operation was over. After her surgery she was in the ICU for 24 hrs and after that she has been shifted to the room.

    She was happy with the nurse's care . Not very happy with food though. They made her walk on 4th day and on sunday she was finally released from the hospital. Overall cost for both knee replace was around 5 lakhs and 39 thousands rupees and rest of the money ( 11 thousand) had been returned to us.

    After returning to home we got her the walker and also we got her the toilet seat ( She needed this as both her knee were operated and she needed minimum height of toilet seat )

    She had 10 physiotherapy session provided by hospital on alternate days except the holidays. Physiotherapist used to teach exercise and helped her to walk in a right way.

    My mother used to limp but by GOD grace she is totally fine now. Its only two months . She has occasional bouts of pain but overall she is doing fine. She is no more using walker . And she goes for a outside walk twice.

    @Maruf @Ojha any news from your side ? waiting to hear from your side.

    @Manisha I am thankful to this site , Information from here and our own series of counselling finally helped mumma to take this operation.

    And she herself is glad that she took this one.

    Thank you all.

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  • @shikha5 Thank you so much for sharing your experience here and helping people around. Thats a great help.
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