Suggest home remedies for mouth ulcer in small kids

Hello ,

Please suggest some good home remedies which can be followed by 6 year old kid . Kid is unable to eat anything due to immense pain.


  • Dear Kumaran

    Does your child suffers with frequent mouth ulcers? Because it is important to understand the reason behind the mouth ulcers. Which can be nutritional deficiency , bad food choice , internal poor health, anemia, lowered immune , Body heat , constipation, oral hygiene etc etc.

    Then according to the reasons you can accommodate habits which can help in long run.

    Home remedies for mouth ulcer can be

    1.Loads of water, coconut water ( body heat )
    2. Fresh fruit /vegetable juices that will have lot vitamin B complex
    3. Local application of any of these -Ghee,butter coconut milk, Honey kept inside mouth for some time and spit out.
    4. If this is an outcome of internal gastric illness or constipation . Try curing it. Pomegranate seeds helps
    5. Oral hygiene is very important to keep the bacteria's away. So introduce oil pulling ( use one spoon coconut oil and put it in mouth and swish around for minimum of 5 mins then brush as usual)
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