Looking for the best pediatrician in Dwarka

I am looking for expert doctor for my kid who keeps having fever/cough cold almost every month and this is happening since she was 2 years old and started her play school . Her immune system is very weak / I am looking for a pediatrician who can diagnose it and help me in improving her immune system rather then just prescribing antibiotics on my every visit.


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    @kumud I understand completely what are you saying. My little one has lot of problem and allergies.Kids under the age of 5yr are prone to be with low immunity specially in environment like Ours in Delhi.so I kind of accepted her problem. but then someone told me to try homeopathy to treat it from the root and work on immunity for me homeopathy worked. I consulted Dr. Reema Aggarwal in sector 22 Dwarka DDA flats opp. Ranjit vihar 1. She treated my little one and boosted the immunity and resistance from allergies. Within a year it improved a lot. Though I would tell you in advance that homeopathy takes time and you have to be really patient with homeopathy.

    I have heard Amar homeopathic clinic at Sec 14 is also a very good homeopathic option.
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