Suggest a good gynecologist in Adyar chennai

Hi All, my 10 year old daughter is complaining about pain in her left breast frequently . I am worried about her and not sure if should take her to pediatrician or to a gynecologist as I also suspect that she might hit puberty soon and may be the pain is related to that .Please let me know if anyone has gone through this. Also suggest a gynecologist near Adyar for consultation.


  • VenkatS this could be a simple case of gas also which can come up due to irregular eating habits. My daughter had same kind of pain and she used to skip meals. You might like to check if she has hurt herself so kind of muscle pain or pain which comes after exercise or some games. If this is muscle pain you can tru cold packs and that works wonder.

    In case of puberty you can meet any good Paediatric endocrinologist . Hope everything gets fine . Wishing her speedy recovery
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