Looking for home remedy to build immunity in kids

Hi All , My kid is prone to cold and cough during winter, sometimes accompanied by high degree viral fever. Last year, it worsened so much that we had to visit the doctor 5-6 times in a month. The usual medicines given by doctors are Sinarest/Ambrolite etc. It alleviates, but not getting ridden off the problem completely.

I am looking for some home remedies to build immunity in kids . Also please let me know if Homeopathy will help.


  • I can share some of my experience form friends and family to build immunity. You should see an Ayurvedic or a Homeopathic doctor and start taking as they prescribed to boost immunity.

    1. Give Lemon water daily ( Lots of Vitamin C)
    2. Fresh juice of vegetable and fruits ( Amala, Carrot , orange)
    3. COd liver oil intake
    4. Septilin from Himalaya
    5.Sitopaladi powder along with Lakshmi Narayan churn .Both are Ayurvedic medicine.Mix with honey and give two times a day
    6. Homeopathy tonic alfaalfa Q everyday with milk

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  • Thanks Anitha will focus on giving more nutritious food and juice as you have mentioned. Also will find out any alternative doctor to consult on immunity.

    Thanks for motivating me. I am on this issue and will work on this.
  • Hi

    Does anyone know how is Cipla's new Immuno boosters for kid ? Any reviews . We are planning to try hence looking for reviews.
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