Best gynaecologist in Chennai

I am looking for a good gynecologist for pregnancy consultation & delivery. Suggest a good hospital in Chennai for baby delivery. Please share your delivery experience with the I had two c sections previously just an small hope whether I can have VBAC......if possible suggest some good hospital with neonatal ward too.if VBAC is not possible advice on c section with experienced doctor.


  • Dear Tasleem , it is good to connect with you here. I am also looking for a good gynecologist who can help with VBAC. We have recently shifted to OMR area.
    I have found this link with lots of good gynecologist here but not sure how many of them are on OMR. Which area you are looking for ?

    Somebody told me about Apollo cradle hospital on OMR so looking for some feedback on that hospital specially for VBAC support.
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