Looking for the best possible cure for congenital tendonitis in Chennai

One of my cousin who is in his early 30. He has got this condition called, Congenital Tendonitis. Which is like a genetic disorder in which his tendons go through a degenerative phase and thus he has got weak joints, hips and knee due to continuous degrading . He and his family is kind of depressed with this condition. Its hard to even manage normal, days work. His current doctor doctor and medicines are helping . So we are looking for the best possible cure for this condition.

So please suggest what is the best possible cure for this condition. Till now he had been taking Allopathic medicines. Who is the best orthopaedic doctor to handle this. If any alternate treatments are there then please let me know. If possible in Chennai. If there really exists a cure then we won't mind travelling also. So please help.
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