General Checkup at Apollo Hospital, Jasola, New Delhi

Apollo Hospital, New Delhi -August 2011
I went for a basic medical checkup to the hospital. The overall experience was positive with all checks done with minimal waiting time.
The only procedure that took time was the TMT (treadmill). The trick here is to go early in the morning (8 ish) and as soon as all tests are done, rush for the TMT.
The dietician's consultancy is superfluous as the person at the other end is usually a trainee dietician.
Incase of any anomaly, it is advisable not to get the same treated at Apollo as you pay a signiificant premium. A lot of these Apollo doctors also sit at their private clinics where they charge c60-70% lower than at Apollo.
Verdict: Good for General checkup. Cost of Package Approx 2,700
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