Please suggest a good orthopedic doctor for unbearable heel pain in mylaore

I have been experiencing this severe pain in the back of the ankle. My xray reports shows that an extra bone is coming out like a heel spur. I feel tremendous pain in ankles. It's not that first pain in the morning after putting your leg down of the bed,not plantar fasciitis rather it's a pain at one point at the back of ankle. It pains like a lot in both legs especially bad at night.Pain is coming in calves as well.Doctor said not to wear flats at all. I am trying to follow that but still its going bad day by day. I want to take the second opinion so suggest a good orthopedic doctor for this in mylapore chennai area.

If anyone with similar pain can share their journey that will help. Like what works what not for the pain relief. Or once the pain is there will be there for lifetime. help me !

Shall I see any Aurvedic doctor ?


  • Any tips? recommendations ?
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  • Homeopathy has a cure for spurs. My mother had this problem and it was being cured with Homeopathy. It's a very well known fact that Homeopathy is the only permanent cure for Spurs. Two types of spur calcaneus Bony growth. Calcareous calcification of cartilage bone around heel area. Homeopathy helps in both cases. Acupressure also helps. Calcarea phos 6x and Calcarea fluor 6x cures spurs.

    Please do consult a good homeopath around before starting any medicine. You should also take care of your foot wear and do exercises to strengthen your calves.

    Additionally, every night before going to bed take half a bucket of hot water add 1 tea spoon of soda-bi-carbonate (cooking soda) or crystal/sea salt and 1 bag of tea leaves (any). Soak feet in this water at least for 45 mins or till water becomes lukewarm , this will give you relief to sleep better.

    Believe me my mother got completely cured no problem in last 10 years after treatment. Take care.
  • Thanks Vihana for thats really helpful.

    Now I want to know a good homeopath in Chennai.
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