Help for knee pain management. Arthritis reversal by home remedies

Hi , I am 43 year old female. And from past 4 years have been having on and off Knee pains. I had been advised many tests in the past but most of the tests were fine . I do have some wear and tear of the cartilage and some initial stage of Osteoarthritis of bones. But I would really like to know from the people who are if in the same age group and having the same problem of knee pain or initial stage of Osteoarthritis how are they managing the pain , I would like to know more alternative methods then pills. Also what we can do to avoid future knee transplant as I see my own 2 sisters are getting transplant they are 55 and 65 respectively. They feel I am young enough to cure this in this stage but I have no idea. I asked doctor and he also did not suggest any thing except he asked me reduce my weight . I am trying to reduce my weight and I have started talking calcium supplement but still I want to know what all I can do to manage this pain and avoid future transplant.

I sometime have the back pain also.

Looking hopeful to find some solution and remedies . Please share what works for you and what does not work and shall be avoided depending on your own experience.

For me Walking daily for 45 mins is helping me to manage my pain and also I am able to reduce some weight over 10 months....Please share your tips ...can we reverse arthritis ?



  • Anchal. As you have mentioned you also have back pain , I can share my experience with back pain. In my case I did not have any back pain instances after I started following as I have shared below ( follow the link)

    As per my experience Anchal all these are lifestyle diseases. If we can take care of what we eat ( nutrition ) and what we do ( activity , posture) then all these can be control and to the extent can be reversed

    Osteoarthritis is not even a disease it actually signs of aging now if you ask if aging can be reversed answer would be no but can you control answer would be yes. You must have seen same age people with different fitness level and looks just because the way they are maintaining themselves. Genes also plays a role as you are saying you have some family history as well but that is beyond our control so lets focus on what we can control . I am in my thirties and I can totally understand your points,

    Our bones are alive and they are also regenerating themselves so you never know if we give right nutrition strength training then they can be fine again. Best of luck for your journey.
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  • Vihana good to read that we can control and managed arthritis pain. I would like to tell that I am 37 years old. I have developed pain in knees from last 4 months . Actually i joined Zumba and I started feeling pain since then. sometime I experience pain while sitting down and climbing stairs etc. I would like to know what exactly I need to do to control at this stage. I have started going for physiotherapy.

    I also would like to tell that my mom who is 59 year old is diagnosed with osteoarthritis and doctor's have advised her transplant . She doesn't want to go for surgery.But she is having severe knee pain. She can't sit down, climb stairs suffers lot. Pls give remedies for her.
  • Hi all. I am diabetic and was suffering with terrible knee pain ( arthritis) and having difficulties to sit and stand up and climbing stairs.
    I was told to have around 25 -35 grams of moringa leaves fried in ghee twice a day for a week. 4- 5 Harsingar leaves( leaves of Parijata tree or night jasmine tree Botanical Name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis.) as juice/ chutney with honey per day for a month. I followed and had a big relief. It helped with my sugar level as well.
  • Hi All ,

    I also have joint pain , especially in fingers and knee joints .All my test were fine except the AHA. Only AHA test has come positive.

    I am trying avoid gluten and I am better. But occasionally i still fill pain so I am trying to find out other culprits .

    Any idea what is the effect of the curd /normal yogurt/ greek yogurt on rheumatoid arthritis.I tried searching internet and its too much confusing as only link says it helps in RA case but next link will say we should completely avoid curds if we are suffering from autoimmune arthritis . Not sure like gluten for me is clear cut culprit but for curd I am not sure . any pointers will help.
  • @manjugovind you might like to check this link.
  • @Farzana thanks for suggesting remedy as I am going to try that.

    @Nutan A positive ANA is seen in connective tissue disorders like SLE, scleroderma, polymyositis and even in juvenile arthritis. so if only a doctor is able to diagnosed rightly , I guess then only the treatment can be sine

    Me too left guten and a lot better . In fact dairy also I am trying ....but dairy is too hard for me as I am one dairy lover...

    so how are others managing with this.

    I try to drink ginger water also whenever there is some flare ups.

  • To remove joint pain naturally without using gels or pain killer , we use ginger juice. This is how we do in my home we grate some ginger, squeeze the juice and apply on the joint of pain in the night. Next morning pain will go away. You may try and let me know your experience.

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    Hii Anchal,

    I m Dr. Shailendra Patil, an orthopedic surgeon, I have gone through your problem found some serious pain that you have. You have to take care a proper consultation as it takes time it will increase more and may lead to chronic pain.

    I had Handle near to same care and the patient had serious Arthritis and Knee Joint Pain.

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