Please share your reviews of delivery at Motherhood hospital , Indiranagar Bangalore

Hi , We are considering the motherhood hospital for , Baby delivery . Please suggest the best gynecologist there and let me know your overall experience with the hospital . I would like to know how was the baby care , post delivery care of mother, nurses etc. Please share your review. How was the overall cost also let me know if you have taken the package then was that package enough to cover all the cost ?


  • @Pattnayak I delivered at motherhood hospital . My entire stay while delivery was good. Specially my doctor was really good. There are really good gynecologist in this hospital. nurses and other staff was also good . However the pediatric care was just OK. you can read my already shared review earlier.

    wait..let me share the link.

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  • Thats one quick reply! Thank you so much Seemar. Do you have any idea about Dr. Asha Hiremath or Dr. Disha Sridhar. Someone in office just mentioned their names.

    If anyone has taken their 9 divine maternity package then how cost effective it is ? is there any benefit to take this package. Sorry I have lot if questions....looking for help!
  • Your welcome Pattnayak ! Glad I can help but unfortunately I do not have answers of your other questions. I will ask from other people if i get any response will tell you then. All the best Best.
  • @Pattnayak Have you finalized your doctor ? And have you taken the package now ?

    Iam looking for candid reviews/ recommendations for motherhood hospital, Indiranagar like the best gynecologist, how was your stay in the hospital, Paediatric services etc, We are planning to take 9 divine package for my pregnancy so all your answers are going to help me finalize.

    @SeemaR thanks for sharing the link, its useful for me.
  • I delivered motherhood hospital 6 months ago and I was consulting Dr Asha hiremath. She's really good very patient and most importantly she listens to you. Had consulted her for both my pregnancies. I really had a very good experience at motherhood the staff is well trained and always there to help you.Entire stay was nice and the nurses were helpful.There are a lot of good doctors to choose from.
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