Home remedy for Back pain and Sciatica

After suffering from more than 6 months . I finally find the best cure for the back pain and its like a sure shot cure with no medicine and no side effects. I am feeling many other health benefits . My lower back pain and sciatica kind of Pain is cured

Actually a friend of mine who is an Ayurvedic doctor told me that most of these issues are due to two factors.

1. Primarily it is due to bad posture
2. secondly It is due digestion.

Both these factors affect the spine and then spine pinches certain nervous which run through the leg so pain in entire back , hip and leg. Doctor had told me to basically deal with these two things.

1. Posture - First I am trying to correct my posture ( I have joined Yoga ). Many Asanasa like Shalabh Asan , Dhanur Asan etc.
2. Food- Doctor asked me to have vegetable soup in the night and I should take that before 7 :00 PM. Additionally he has asked me watch my eating habits means no food which creates gas and bloating. As all these organs are near to the spine and they create pressure on the spine.

I am following all this from last 6 weeks and I can say that I am almost 90% cured. Why I am saying 90% as sometimes if I am not taking care of the posture the pain starts but definitely it has improved a lot. hope this helps you.
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