Searching for good gynecologist in JP nagar bangalore.

looking for a good gynecologist and good hospital for baby delivery in JP Namgar Bangalore


  • @Padma you can try Dr Fatima poonawala of Alfa clinic
    She is really good. Her clinic is opposite to Shanti Sagar. She gives good time to every Patient. Good as all your questions will be answered and bad as you will have to wait for your turn. Best part is that she encourages normal delivery. currently I am consulting her only.
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  • @Rangaraj thank you . Will try this doctor.
  • Dr Rekha Mahantesh in a good experienced gynecologist in jp nagar.She is an amazing doctor. She listens and act like a mom then a doctor. I used to consult her in Women Clinic in JP nagar.
  • I think Dr. Mala Prakash is far far better that Dr. Rekha Mahantesh.

    I have really a very bad experience. My wife has undergone a surgery on March month and still she couldn't recover because of her neglFence and wrong treatment. I found her money minded. Even for an emergency also if you call her she will call to her clinic to cHate consultation fee whether it's weekly twice or thrice.
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