Ivf treatment

My sister in law wants to go for ivf treatment and wants to know of a good dr in Lucknow. Pls help


  • You can also see for Bournhall Clinic in Dubai for excellent IVF treatment. One of my cousin did her treatment there.
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  • Yes i go with preetha, even i heard bournhall clinic in dubai is very good with great facility and with good success rate.
  • In India when we talk about IVF or IUI the name comes in Mind is Rana Fertility Centre which Offer Best IVF in Punjab and list the top 5 IVF Centers in India.
  • Forget about Lucknow, if you want the best solution for your infertility problem then you need to contact the Eva Hospital that is located in Ludhiana. Thousands of couples from Uttar Pradesh visit our centre to get the perfect results.
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    IVF is recommended for the women who struggle to conceive naturally.
    Here, the fertilization of the eggs take place in a laboratory dish, and then the fertilized eggs (embryos) are transferred into the woman's uterus.
    Basic Steps for IVF
    • Ovarian Stimulation
    • Egg Retrieval
    • Sperm Collection
    • Insemination and Fertilization
    • Embryo Transfer
    And also i recommend femiint fertility is one of the best IVF treatment in Bangalore
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