Anybody knows a good skin care specialist/ dermatologist in Noida? Please suggest.

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Please suggest the best skin care specialist or dermatologist in Noida if you know.



  • Dr Annu Jain in vikaspuri. She is good. Her clinic's number is: 01125599696
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  • There is one good skin specialist in Krishna nagar - Dr Upadhya 011-22091758
  • @gminhas: have you visited Dr Upadhyay yourself? What are the clinic timing and the fees?
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    hi richa...

    i am a nutrition and skin care advisor, learning from my mom...experience of more than 15 yrs in this field.

    Kindly let me know ur concern.

  • hi Pooja.. I have developed itchy skin with wounds appearing n disappearing.. my eosinophils test result is 10.4%. Can u help?

  • @govindjha You can try Dr Gunjan gupta in sector 61 . My brother had some skin rashes and he had taken treatment of few doctors but of no help finally someone suggested us Dr Gunjan ( 9811540489) and her treatment is bang on. He was completely fine after his treatment,.
  • @govindjha‌ you can try Dr Kanwar (09815471473) in sector 93B, the treatment at his clinic was just great.
  • @smartsun‌
    Can you please share your experience in more detail?
  • @Manisha‌ my mother had what appeared to be a normal rash, many doctors had suggested antibiotics but it was Dr Kanwar who diagnosed it correctly as pemphigus. He is experienced from Pgi Chandigarh and AIMS MD. I am very satisfied with his diagnosis and treatment and my mother is completely free from the disease.
  • Thanks for sharing @smartsun. This is really helpful.
    Since you live in noida can you pl help this lady with her query
  • i got my treamement for vitiligo using generic medicines and not laser by dr aj kanwar in omaxe grand, sector 93 b in noida.

    I had tried many best name dermatologists in and around ncr, sad to say most of them are out there to make money, very few like dr kubba are out of reach budget wise, its best to say dr aj kanwar is the best in the area and literally a very satisfying doctor .. reachable at 09815471473 as shared by another member, thank you medly !
  • @Vijaysharma99 thanks for sharing your experience with medlly. It will help many people further in choosing their doctor.
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  • Hi
    I am suffering from skin rashes since last 5 yrs...intially it was behind ear and over nose..gradually it started increasing. Whever I visit any dr and apply medicine it will get over but then it will come back after few day and even worse than earlier..pls help and suggest any good skin specialist. I stay in noida.this time I m feeling very itchy. Currently I am visiting dr reena sharma in sector 41. Pls suggest if anyone has experience with her
  • @reena I have visited Dr Gunjan Gupta this weekend for acne. Though it is still early but I am seeing improvement in my condition. Also, she give ample time as her clinic is not too crowded. You can try her out.
  • @reena you might want to try out Dr AJ Kanwar, have heard good reviews from my circle after myself going to him, heard he is also opening a clinic in sector 50 if i'm not wrong.
  • Suggest a good Dermatologist in Delhi, Who can help me in my situation
    My both feet fingers have become blackish with cuts and paining.

  • Hi,
    Could anyone please suggest to me a skin care clinic / dermatology centre/ aesthetic centre located in noida ? I had suffered from mild to severe acne in the past two years and now it has subsided dramatically but unfortunately I'm left with acne scars. So I wanted a professional treatment for this .
    Thanks !
  • @Noor You can visit Dr Gunjan Gupta in Sector 61 Noida. She is available at her home clinic. You can reach her on 9811540489 for booking and address etc.
    When I last visited her, her house was being renovated and there was construction material all over. Don't let this unsettle you as she is a good Dr and gives good advice in my experience.
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    Forgot to mention, I was also suffering from blackheads and scars and she had given me chemical peel treatment. I highly recommend her. Her clinic is in sector 61.just behind the shopprix mall.
  • @vijaysharma99 Need your advise on vitiligo treatment by Dr AJ K Kanwar

  • can anyone tell me who is the best dermatologist in .delhi.noida region especially for acne scar removal treatment by laser
  • Dr. Ipshita at Skinfinity laser clinic is the best person to help you. She does fraction lasers, dermarollers and many other treatments for pimples, marks and scars. you can call her clinic at 7678692243
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    Dr. Alia Rizvi is a leading dermatologist, cosmetologist and aesthetician with finest experience at the cutting edge of new treatments, technology and research.
    She believes that cosmetic medicine affords her patients an opportunity to slow down, or turn back the clock, and counter the visible effects of ageing >laser skin care. you can call her clinic at 8826354850, Noida sector 41.
  • Dear all ,

    But I would like to tell you that I had tried everything possible on this earth , best of dermatologist medicine, Peels, all possible home remedies , acne creams , acne face wash but nothing worked .

    I was tired of everything , sometime some remedy worked but after few days a fresh break out was there. I had no idea what was missing. I used to keep my skin clean I used to have the best of nutritious food , best of acne creams best of sunscreen .

    Finally I found something which I can proudly say it works for acne and it is free of cost. I feel like getting this method patent. This acne home remedy not only works on acne , it completely heals the skin and also even tone the face .

    ANd the powerful remedy is. Do the below 2 things for 30 days and you will get the clear skin with even skin tone.

    1. Have four glass of water in the morning empty stomach. Make sure you do't eat any thing for next 45 min to one hour.
    2. Do not use anything on the face except water. Yes you heard it right. No face wash no creams nothing and just use the water.

    I know you must be thinking how the face will be clean , believe me you do not need anything except water to clean your face. Do not use any creams any peels anything on face . just stick to the plain water.The skin rejuvenates itself within 30 days.

    Please try and share your experience .
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