Please suggest a good doctor for all over joint pain in Bangalore for consulation

My daughter is suffering from pain in almost all joints and head and fingers for last one year time to time. I have gone under some laboratory test like ANA, creatinine, urine re, lft, arthritis factor etc. Ana test shows positive, others are ok . So please advise me regarding treatment in Bangalore. I am going to Bangalore on 2nd dec-2016.


  • @AjitKr
    Someone in my social circle in Bangalore says

    A positive ANA is seen in connective tissue disorders like SLE, scleroderma, polymyositis and even in juvenile arthritis. It is important to know what exactly is the cause as treatment may vary. You need to meet a Paediatrician and also a rheumatologist. Dr Arvind Shenoy, Dr Jagadish Chinnappa, Dr Adarsh Somashekar to name a few good Paediatricians. Dr Dharmanand is a good rheumatologist.
    All the best!

    You can try consulting these doctors and find out the reasons for this. Hope your daughter recovers soon.
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  • @AjitKr All these at high level are also signs of chikungunya. Do you remember any episode of viral fever after that all these pain started ? Because my sister had almost same symptoms and she was diagnosed with Chinkun gunya .
  • Also please check her Vitamin d and Vitamin B12 level.
  • @AjitKr how old is your daughter?

    I am 37 years old , from last 1.5 year onwards I have almost same symptoms as you mentioned. I had pain in different joints at different time, Even for me MY ANA has come positive. I would like to inform you all one thing which has made my life a bit easier that I have left gluten . And believe me that my 95% pain has gone. Some Ayurvedic doctor once suggested me to try this and from last 6 months I am almost pain free. Until i eat outside or some from side which might have gluten and then I will have pain. I am expecting other people here to reveal what improved their stage if any treatment or any life style change.
  • @komalsagar Thanks for telling your scenario. If you tell what exactly your doctor said and what are life style changes you have made.
    WHat is the name of your doctor.
  • @Amar thanks for your encouraging words. That doctor is my friend and not practising this time. She mentioned that this could be allergic response. Could be food allergy also that's how I am being asked to go the elimination route. First thing which was eliminated was gluten. Also I am trying to avoid processed food.

    Removing gluten itself has helped me a lot. though I have been told to remove the milk and dairy also which I didn't . I am trying to work on my gut health. I am also following some other basic Ayurvedic rules of not mixing of foods, I refer to eat home made fresh food.

    You can speak to any Ayurvedic doctor near you they can tell you rules and let you know how can you eliminate all these toxins from your body.

    Hope all this will help.
  • Great going! I will just suggest to try Kapal Bhatti and Anulom Vilom Pranayam above all this and you might be 100 % fine :)
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