Cloudnine Hospital Malleshwaram


Please do not refer to Dr Anuradha S in Cloudnine Malleshwaram India as we had the worst experience ever with her, staff are non-cooperative and they feel that they are doing a great favor assisting to the patients.

The doctor feels that she is stressed out but still handling patients, charging heftily for 5-6 min that she takes for every consultation. The way she responds shows utter carelessness which is just the opposite for her profession. She has no right to treat a patient who is pregnant in the way she treated me in front of fellow patients and the whole reception yard with other visitors. Think she has forgotten all the protocols that are taught in the initial phase of her education and career.

And the attendees, who do they think of themselves, the way they act is so worst that it still holds no good to compare them with the government nurses they are far better.

We are not visiting the hospital based on any favor we are shelling out crazy amount of money and we expect the treatment to be upto the mark. The HR guys that are hired needs to be taught more things rather than just saying “please understand”, even after multiple concerns raised on every visit there was no action taken finally had to decide to back off and help myself from further slipping to depression which holds no value to the hospital.

Crazily money minded. Wishing that nobody should go through the inconvenience that I faced.



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