Dr R R Kasliwal Cardiologist In Delhi & NCR

Dr R R Kasliwal is such a nice person, He spent good amount of time listening to the symptoms, also discussed the history and diagnosed with some tests to make sure our concerns are answered in a right way. We had some clue on the problem we went to him for and he also concluded the same. On top of that he made us so comfortable that we didn't even realized that we are meeting for the first time. Over all, he is not just a very good cardiologist but a fantastic human being. I have seen many cardiologist with various levels of experience but this was the first time I've seen one who is so much down to earth, all-ears, lively and understanding. I'll suggest and recommend him in all good faith.


  • Extremely Good, The Doctor asked to do only 2 test and with in 20 minutes he clarified everything and I went out happily.
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  • The experience was fabulous. Would recommend this doctor to everyone. He understands his patients very well and has a unique way of putting you at ease.
  • I am very glad to provide it to Dr R R Kasliwal. He is very friendly, humble and polite in person and very much approachable. We consulted Kasliwal sir for my moms chest pain complaint . Sir took personal care of my moms case and performed diagnosis.
  • Great doctor! Spent a lot if time with me discussing my issues. He is very knowledgeable and helpful doctor.
  • The Doctor was really impressive. His Behavior was so Nice.He listened to the problems and suggested accordingly unlike many Money Hungry Doctors who will ask for angiogram without looking the ECG/TMT report .
  • This is my first ever feedback that I share online because that after 25 years I have found a doctor who is exactly like the ones who was a family when we were kids. My Mom had some cardiac problems and we had already done angiography , shown to various doctors, etc. Dr R R kasliwal was the first doctor who could pin point that dad never had an heart issue, it was a pulmonology issue. Not only did he guide us to different doctor, he took time to collate and check their reports also and guided us with humongous patience. That is great ,,but the surprising bit is, when dad came back after one and half years for re-evaluation , he actually remembered the entire case details. And my parents now will not even let any medication happen without his consent.
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