Pregnancy checkup and delivery experience at Jehangir Hospital ,Pune



  • @uzma

    Which location you are considering in Pune . I am sharing the cost of normal baby delivery in different hospitals of Pune at below link.

    Also why do you want to change the doctor when you had good experience? I feel every experience is different . All the best :)

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  • Dear @sheena ,dear @Payal

    I have heard that doctor Nina only does normal delivery. So I would like to know the first hand feedback or personal experience. As I feel at times it is imp to go for c sec for eg when the baby gets tired of struggle to come out.

    I am 26 weeks and would be shifting to Pune soon. So Just little confused. But at the same time I have got very strong references for doc nina. I would like to hear more for her . Kindly share your experience. Your experience will surely help me .

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