Share radiation therapy experience at Medanta.

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I am from small district of Punjab. One of my relative has been diagnosed with cancer. And doctor has advised him to radiation therapy. I have heard about Medanta Medicity Hospital in Gurgaon.
Can anyone please share their experience of radiation therapy at Medanta. How was the overall cost.


  • Hi, Sorry to hear that. I don't know much about Medanta. My mom got treated in Action Cancer Hospital, Paschim Vihar. but, costing depends on number sessions patient may need and depending on which cancer and which stage it is, if it is possible to get this done in a day care or if it requires admitting to the hospital.
    Sorry, don't have specific answer to your question.
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  • My father in law just got operated for mouth cancer.And he wants to get radiation therapy treatment in Medanta medicity Gurgaon.Can you or anyone else here please tell me how much is the cost of the whole treatment and how long is the duration.
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