Looking for good Orthopedic doctor in Mumbai who can help in my conddition

I suffered from Calcaneal fracture two years ago when accidentally i fell from a height of approx 10-12 feet. i had plaster on my left leg for 10 weeks with complete bed rest for almost 3-4 months.
Now, it's been two years since than, i am still suffering from stiffness pain swelling itching and cramps in my ankle. There are several black dots which looks like eczema , however i consulted skin doctor it's not eczema. Every morning when i woke up my leg is swollen and i am not able to walk properly due to stiffness and pain. Not only during morning hours however when i stand up after sitting for few hours in office i face same issues and complications.

I have gone through physiotherapy for 3 months after removal of plaster, with no help. Than i tried Homeopathy for 1 year still negligible improvement. I am really feel depressed sometime as i am only 31 years young and these issues are troubling me a lot in my day to day life.. please help.. will i be able to walk and run like before. ??? Please HELP..
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