Good Physiotherapist in Mumbai

Here are some best Physiotherapist in Mumbai..Found them after consulting with my friends.

Dr. Ajay Yadav :- Had a wonderful experience while undergoing treatment with him. Got a personal touch with Dr.Ajay Yadav which reduced my pain almost 80% within short period. Excellent staff and good physiotherapy treatment. The exercises will help me to improve my confidence level and personality. Doctor patiently explained all issues , in a gentle without raising any panic ,he explained every step of the treatment ,he has good hand and the treatment was painless. I would recommend him for others who genuinely wants to cure and get rid of pain and live a painless life ahead. Thanks Dr.Ajay Yadav.

Dr. Saloni Shukla :- Dr. Saloni is very thorough in her investigation and is therefore able to diagnose the problem well. She is good and knows her job and is responsible. She was very thorough, patient and gentle. She explained exactly what she was going to do and why. I am very comfortable going to her. Feel very privileged to have been treated by her.I was very impressed by her professionalism as well. Highly recommended specially for performance athletes, weekend warriors as well as health oriented and driven individuals. Professional setup. Doctor has paid Great attention to detail.

Dr. Hemakshi Basu :- Dr Hemakshi is a wonderful person and with excellent knowledge of physio issues and its solutions. The teamwork combined with Dr Basu's personal attention was just perfect. Time will prove if her suggestions work to remove or reduce my issues. I trust Dr. Basu completely. She's a thorough professional with a human touch. Always smiling and caring. Knows her job well. Dr. Basu catches problem quickly. With an in depth experience of back pain and a superb remedy, I would rate her among the very best in India. I will definitely recommend her my dear. Best wishes to you Dr and your team.

Hope it will help someone.
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