best gynecologist in koramangala cradle?

Hi, my wife is coming down to Bangalore for her delivery. She is in her 3rd month. We are looking for a good gynecologist, preferably in cradle koramangala branch. As we are staying at electronic city. Kindly do give Throw us some light on to finding some one whom we can trust with the most important part of our life. Thank you.


  • @renoytoons Here are some reviews of my social friends about cradle :

    Dr. Vijaya Manohar: I delivered my daughter @ Cradle,Koramangala.My gync was Dr.Vijaya Manohar..she is an awesome doctor.I had a normal delivery.Dr.Hegde was the pead for my baby as well.He was good.All doctors and peadiatricians were good.Only problem I faced there was with Nursing staff..most of them were not at all supportive!

    Dr. Revathi Parthasarathy: I delivered at Cradle, Koramangala and my gync was Dr. Revathi Parthasarathy. From what i observed when i was admitted were, most of delivery were c section. Dr. Hegde was the first pead for my baby immediate after delivery and had his 1st vaccination there. Later i chose another pead close to home and consulting the same doctor till now. Facilities wise, too good.

    Hope it would be helpful to you.
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