Some good Dietitian in Mumbai

Here are some of the best Dietitian in Mumbai

Dr. Anjali Firasta :- Dr. Anjali Firasta is a professional who knows her subject extremely well ! Interactive, innovative, Flexible and a Result oriented approach. Surprisingly & refreshingly non commercial. The thinking was human and had practical intonations. Nice, very comfortable and easy to follow the diet and has helped me and i surely feel the difference and others too feel the same. She's excellent at working with plans tailor made to your requirements.

Dr. Anita Gupta :- Dr Anita is cordial and understands users requirement and plans as per his needs. Her communication skill is also excellent. She is very warm and always encouraging. She has suggested very effective ways to me. Medicine and diet were prescribed accordingly. She definitely knows how to get the best out of her patients! Dr. Gupta is extremely understanding and has helped me a lot with understanding my body better! She took the time to explain and answer the questions I had. Really happy with the results. :-)

Dr. Alpa Dawda :- Extraordinary diagnosis power and very knowledable as per the young age. Good Rapo with drs of our speciality even dentists. Excellent coordination of treatment, She not only excels with her prescriptions and drugs knowledge but also a true guide and physician to monitor and regulate other doctors prescribed drugs of other speciality excellently with coordination as well as respects. She is very patient and calm. I have now put my trust in her and really hope things change. Just found the fee a little high but rest is fine and will recommend her.

Dr. Swapnil Mate :- Excellent. Dr. Swapnil is talented young energetic physio with lot of working experience. His mobilization and taping technique have done wonder to me and my family. He took active interest in my case and given personalized attention to my pain symptoms. The doctor is well qualified and experience to take care of my injury and healed me quickly than I thought. He is experienced and specialized enough to provide best care. I would like to recommended him to other people.

found them from the internet. Hope it will be helpful to you.
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