Please suggest a best Pediatricion in Hyderabad

Could anyone please suggest good Pediatricion in Hyderabad.. Its very Urgent someone needs it urgently...


  • @aashi Ohh ya sure.. I know some of the good Pediatricion of Hyderabad. My friends consulted him for their Babies. May be it would helpful to you..

    Dr. N S Suresh at Moti Nagar :- Dr. Suresh is highly polite and excellent the way he treats. He is exceptionally professional and a great doctor and we are very happy with the service he provides. Shows lot of patience in hearing patient's problems. I rarely see such kind of attitude and behavior from doctors. I strongly recommend Suresh for your kid's health problems. The doctor suggests the best medicine and gives good instructions.

    Dr. J Vijay Shekher at Secunderabad :- Dr.Vijay Shekher is one of the finest doctor for children, his diagnosis towards problem is very accurate and he will not let any doubt in his mind before he sends the patient. He ensures he is sure on his treatment. Knowledge of diagnosing the problem. But it takes long time to meet the doctor. Waiting time should be reduced. He ensures he is sure on his treatment. Do not suggest unnecessary prescriptions. Even given his phone number to call in case of any query.

    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Khetan at Langer House :- He is very cool and friendly with children And his treatment is also very good. Professional, diligent and helpful paediatric, Dr Khetan is the trusted doctor for my child. He clarify the doubts in a very cool mood. Dr Khetan is the trusted doctor for my child. we are very glad to have such a nice doctor for my children. very humble. I recommended him to my friends and neighbors.

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