Father's Angioplasty at Metro Hospital by Dr. Rahul

My father had some pain in his hand then he went for regular check up in Metro Hospital to find out the cause of pain. Doctors did every test even ECG also done but they did not find the cause of pain. Then finally they did Angiography and found out 90% blockage in his vessel. We were very afraid after that but doctor suggested us to do Angioplasty as soon as possible We agreed for that without any late. and now My father is fine. He went to Dr. Rahul Yakhmi for regular check up. Even His Angioplasty is also done Dr. Yakhmi under observation of Dr. Lal. Dr. Yakhmi is a very friendly doctor. He gave his total time to patient. But my father is fed up of eating Medicines. Is it necessary to eat medicines regularly to a Heart Patient??
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