Please tell me cost of Bypass surgery at Delhi Hospitals

My father has heart problem and needs to undergo by pass surgery.
I just want to know the total estimated cost of this surgery including doctor fee, test, bed charge and etc(all in cash /card payment and no medical claim/insurance).
Preferred hospitals:

Max Hospital, Saket
Metro Hospital, Noida
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


  • @umakant The package cost for Bypass surgery in Metro Hospital will be 1,80,000. It includes everything except the blood and screening charges. And If IABP will be used then it will cost extra 55,000. IABP is Intra Aortic Balloon Pump. It depends on patient condition whether IABP will used or not. Doctor will tell you in advance before surgery.

    Bypass surgery will cost around 2,45,000 in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. It includes everything. and If IABP used then you will have to pay 55,000 extra.

    Hope your Father will fine soon.
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  • Please find below the latest bypass surgery cost of various delhi NCR hospital at below link
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