Please tell me the cost of delivery in EEDF Hospital, Kolkatta

Hi!I am Debadrita , can somebody please help me with the cost of delivery in EEDF Hospital.


  • @chandra The cost of baby Delivery in EEDF is 58,000 to 60,000. It does not include Medicine and Investigation charges.
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  • Exclude medicine and investigation charge means what? Can any body tell the total maternity delivery cost in eedf under Dr. Gitashree Mukherjee, and also in RSV Hospital under Dr. Bani Kumar Mitra including all. Reply soon plz.
  • @Pinki I do not have any personal experience of EEDF. But as @chandra asked about the cost I inquired there to find out that and got the information which I had shared. You may call to them to know more information. I can give there number if you want..
  • Thank you so much for your reply. Please give me the no. where I can call and get a proper information about the cost. And can you please tell me that is it possible to change the Dr. in 30 weeks pregnancy? Please reply me soon, as I am running short of time.
    Thanks again.
  • @Pinki contact numbers of EEDF are :
    OPD : 033-4017 1522
    IPD Information - 033-4017 1501

    You may call them for information. But you have to insist them to know about the cost. They hardly give cost information. And about your another question I will revert you soon.
  • @Pinki My friends review about to change the doctor in 30 weeks pregnancy are: If you are not happy with your existing doctor you must change the doctor. Most ladies won't face problem in case of normal trouble free pregnancies. She should carry all her prescriptions and history with her. If you are not comfortable with your existing doctor then what is the point?

    Birthing is new birth of a woman too. You should be comfortable. This is the experience of life time.
  • Thank you so much radhika for all of your information.
  • Actually even I am interested to know how much it costs in EEDF as I am planning to get my delivery done there
  • Hi.. Can anyone please tell me the cost of c section in EEDF?
  • 78000 excluding medical and investigation charges for C Section
  • @Pinki @Aratrika20 @PriyaC @Amiza777... hope you all are amazing parents by now... kindly share your baby delivery experience at EEDF hospital. How was the mother and baby care. How was the cleanliness.
    Please tell me the overall cost of delivery in EEDF Hospital including all, After Birth Child Care Unit available over there or not. How is the neo natal care over there.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hello all ,

    If any of you have delivered at EEDF hospital . Please share your experience and the baby delivery cost at this hospital

    Dear @Moumita - Please share how is your experience with this hospital ?....

  • Hi,

    Can somebody please help me with the cost of abortion in EeDF hospital.
  • Hi , Can any body tell the recent total maternity delivery cost and experience of baby delivery in eedf under Dr. Sangita Chaudhary.

    @Taniy @mintu @Moumita @Amiza777 Please share your experience
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