Liver Transplant experience at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon

Date of treatment : Tuesday 30 November 2010

I am from Saharanpur. My wife underwent Liver transplant surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon, under the guidance of Dr. A.S. Soin and team. The complete procedure was for around 35 days and the cost was approximately 25 lakhs. Life is saved and that is priceless. Team of doctors and nurses were just perfect.
We are also doing post-surgery follow ups at regular intervals. And the process is smooth. My wife is doing completely fine.


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    I also had my Liver transplant surgery done at Medanta Medicity Gurgoan on 13 sep 2011. My doctors were Dr. A.S. Soin and Dr. Sanjiv Sehgal.
    Yes, I have been given a second chance to live by Medanta.I shall always remain grateful.
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    @nagendra and @swapan
    I am from Nepal and one of my relative needs liver transplant . we are also considering Medantna. I want to know many things about Medanta hospital . Like staying facility , food , pick and drop ambulance services from airport etc. Overall cost. Its kind of urgent so please help.
  • @nagendra and @swapan

    My father is having crrihosis. And we already checked in ILBS hospital Vasant kunj Delhi.I want to know about how much it will cost for liver transplant in Medanta Medicity Gurgaon? We are looking for some one else to donate liver for my father, is this possible? And if this possible how much money it will cost?
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    Anybody needs guidance can reach me on -number deleted-
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    @Nagender: I'm deleting your contact number as a community policy any personal information disclosure is not allowed. Would request you to please reply here on this thread if possible. That will be a great help.
  • @Nagender
    My mom is a patient of liver cirrihosis. And yes, I'm well concerned about Medanta Medicity for transplanting liver. I also heard about Dr. A. S. Soin, Dr. Sanjiv Sehgal and thier team. Now I'm interested to complete the surgery from Medanta. As I stay very far from Delhi, in Bangladesh, can anyone please provide me some information? It's really urgent.
    My questions are:
    1. Is there any age limitation to get a transplanation? If yes, is she able to get a surgery in a age of 54?
    2. Is this neccessary to carry a same blood group for the donor as well as the patient?
    3. As we're from Bangladesh, and we haven't any relatives there, what could be a good place to live during those treatment days?
    4. Can I have an idea about the total expenditure?
    5. Is there something special that I should know?
  • Ridu
    1. In my opinion 54 is OK age to have a transplant,rest will be advised by doctors at Medanta
    2. yes ,Blood group needs to be same
    3. You will have to stay at Gurgoan or Delhi for your convenience only
    4. This actually will be advised by hospital after knowing the underline cause of CIRRHOSIS ,In 2010 the package was 21.05 L INR
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    Hi, I am Vishwjeet. I want to know the cost for liver transplant surgery at present.

    I can see Nagendra's reply I can see that package will be around 20-30 L.

    Can someone provide me details for average cost.

  • Hi @vishwjeet I had a talk at Medanta in May 2015 and found out the Liver Transplant cost. The cost at Medanta is : 25L

    And the Cost of Liver Transplant at Apollo Delhi is around 40 to 45L
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    My mother is having cirrhosis. And we already checked in ILBS hospital Vasant kunj Delhi.I want to know about how much it will cost for liver transplant in Medanta Medicity Gurgaon?
  • @Malik Javaid
    I had a talk at Medanta and find out the cost and they have tell me the
    Liver Transplant Cost will be around 25L.

    Could you please share your experience with ILBS Hospital. How much they charge for it.
    It will be a great help for those who are looking for ILBS.

    Hope your mother will get well soon.
  • Hello
    I want to know the expenses of liver transplant at ILBS as my brother is suffering from liver cirrhosis. Thanks
  • I am a patient of liver cirrhosis from Bangladesh.I want to know, could Stemcell therapy cure the liver cirrhosis? If It is possible,Please inform me the name of best doctor and hospital.
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