Please suggest a good doctor for diabetes treatment in Noida

Dear all ,

Recently during my annual check up my fasting sugar came 120 and HBA1C was 120. Now I am looking for a good diabetes doctor in Noida. Please suggest if you know.
121. thanks!


  • Hi Anshi,

    Just a personal Experience, since you have been diagnosed with Diabetes just now, so it's in initial stages. My father has Diabetes since last 20 Years, and he has effectively Managed it, without much use of Medicines. Regular Exercise -> Walking+Yoga+Diet Control and you can control your Issue without much Fuss.

    Having Diabetes means you need to have a Good Discipline in your Life. Or else it continues to do it's work and we don't realize until it's too late.

    Other readers would surely Suggest some Good doctors.
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  • Thanks @swadesh. I agree completely that the best way for diabetes is to manage it.
    I am 36 now and this report is an eye opener for me to start engaging my self for some sort of exercise and change in my eating habits.

    But just wanted to be sure weather I need any medicine at this stage or simple management will do that's why I was looking for a good endocrinologist in Noida. A doctor who give the right advise and just not push me in to medicine care.

    You father is consulting which doctor here in Noida ?
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    @Anshi One of Medlly community member @Apurva Kumar Kumar has recommended Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya in Kailash hospital Noida. You can check his recommendation on this link below
  • @Anshi @swadesh @Manisha

    My son is 26 year old and he is class 1 diabetic Since the age of 4..he is in job and most of the time he comes very late in the evening & take his dinner at office.He goes around 8.30 and comes back at 12pm…he has no exercise,normal routine life is distributed …kindly suggest what can be done.
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